Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Birth Story

Mummy decided to go for induce on 18Feb, first day of CNY.

Mummy is worried as well as excited on how I am coming out of her body... hehe... meanwhile I still relax and occasionally still kicks inside her womb to let mummy know I still alrite inside...

Mummy was inserted the pill and waited whole nite. In the morning, she didn't feel much contraction. Dr Woo measured in the morn and realised mummy only dilated 1 cm... not big enough for me to come out...

Then Dr got rid of my water bag, and I was forced to move more down... almost thought that I will come out in that instant but didn't. but mummy is feeling the pooing.

then she was put on a drip to fasten my delivery.

Within the next 1 -2 hr, mummy was very quick, she keep calling out my name to jia you... so secretly I jia you for her too....

then I feel like moving down further - could it be this time?? I notice a canal and then I heard the nurse preparing for my mummy delivery... then Dr came and I heard them asking mummy to push.

Within the next 2 or 3 push.... I am out...

Where Am I???

P.S: btw, I delivered at TMC... any1 same as me on same day? I was the 10th bb delivered tat day. Mummy was awarded with a BB hamper and also a basket of oranges.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My little story

Hi Guys!

My mummy decided to help me create my own personnel page to capture my cutest moments to share with others. This is my chance to show my achievements as I grow bigger and stronger... haha... enjoy this space with me.

Btw, I am still in my mummy stomach... shhh...

Today is actual EDD but I decided to stay a little more in my mummy tummy. I am actually deciding on CNY so I can be a piggy! I heard it the golden pig this year. Dun wan to miss it.

Boy Am I Growing!