Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recent updates

I now know a few more new words and can understand more. I can nod my head now and say "yes" and "please" 

However, I been a noti boy these days. I dun wanna poo in my potty anymore... I simply refuse and mummy dun know wat wrong w me...

I also keep wanting to be carried when I see my little sister being carried... I think I jealous... but I not admitting.

But I do love mei mei, I sometimes sayang her and kiss her on the cheek... secretly hoping she grow up soon and play w me!

I be going to school v soon too in September. Mummy will be bringing me go since she is on materity leave. I hope to make more friends there.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Member Has Arrived...

This week has been an exciting week for me... mummy came home with my mei mei. I got lots of presents from mei mei. However I seem to wan ple to carry and hug me... 

I was abit jealous but mummy try to spend time with me. However she can't carry me cos she just given birth... I do miss her. I also drink some of the BM mummy pump out... miss those days...

Now I can call mummy "mi mi" liao. I can also call gong gong, ah ma, nah nah, auntie and uncle.

I can recognise alot of pictures like identifying a frog, lion when mummy ask me to. 

I got to go liao... mei mei is crying and I wan to see/comfort her.

Boy Am I Growing!