Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last week was a terrible sick week for me. Was sent back on Mon noon by school as having a fever of 38 degrees...

later was diagnose to have ear infection and got to take antibio. Doc say I have sensitive nose too.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I suddenly had fever on Thur early morn (middle of Wed nite) and then vomitting follows... Diagnose to be stomach flu. No appetite to eat anything. Fever go up and down.

The other day I was just fine and still poke fun at mummy when mummy shouts for dad. I also help "Sebastian, Eunice is finding you!" haha

Hope I will recover soon and eat properly...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing class....

On 5 June, I went dancing trial class with mei mei. Mei mei attended earlier class which is ballet. It was for smaller kids. Mei mei didn't wanna go as you can see in the pic. She only warm up after the class! too bad!

When it was my turn (hip hop class), I gamely stood up and line behind the teacher. I was ready to follow the steps. Some of it I can follow but I am quite slow. But I must say it a good start!

The studio is at Bugis and thereafter we had a KFC lunch. After that, we wanted to go Tanglin mall but it was flooded! yes flooded... so we couldn't go in to collect the repaired cuckoo clock.

nevertheless since we are there, we head to Forum for some toys window shopping... Saw notice on Dora show and mei mei got excited. We waited in vain as the show was later cancelled. It might be due to the flood earlier as I notice the basement is abit wet.

Luckily for mei mei, b4 we left forum she saw ..... Dora and boots! walking towards her. She rushed towards them without looking back at us but backed out later and told mummy to follow her. Mummy quickly went queue for photo taking. We are the last few to be able to take the pics with them... so lucky... The dora pics are found in mei mei blog btw... of cos...

(above) waiting for Dora show earlier

(above) I like this mei mei pose

Our cheeky faces

My height at 5 June 11

Mei mei height at 5 June 11

Boy Am I Growing!