Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi hi! I m back!

I am very busy now cos I started school already! Mummy says I big boi liao. btw, I am exact 19 mth old liao!
I just started school (Learning Vision At Biopolis) this Sep and that's explains y I mia. Actually the first 2 weeks were tough. I keep crying many times.

First day I didn't cry cos I didn't tot my parents will leave me there. Then after I realise I cried even though the teacher consoled me and hug me.

Second day, I cried the moment my parents let teacher Nora hug me. Third day I cried/ panicked the moment I step into the school. Fourth day I panicked and wan my mummy to hug when taking temperature which is outside the entrance of school.

Fifth day I started to be nervous upon entering the building...
n I kenna 2 times of viral fever and now still nursing from a flu and cough...

so u think I can't handle school rgt? then u r wrong, cos this week I show improvements. At least this is what the adults say. When mummy and daddy come, I smiled at them. I didn't cry so I v brave. Mummy will also bring nice cakes and bread for me to eat. I also didn't cling like koala liao... teacher do not need to keep hugging me for whole day. I can now sit with those gor gors instead of clingin onto teacher.
However I still do not wan daddy to carry me in the evenings cos he is always the one who bring me to school... haha I scare he pass me to teacher and leave again.... though mummy reassure me tat we goin home.
Anyway, I very happy to be in school and there are many friends there.

Here are some photos taken with my uniform on...

1st day at school...

Boy Am I Growing!