Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I know how to feed mei mei rice liao.... she eat... hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I was very disobedient last Monday... n mummy cane me on my bottom (not wearing pampers). For the first time, I felt pain and cried really loudly. But I still stubborn and still wan to take crayons. the adults roll eyes liao. I really make mummy heartpain and I tried to make it up by being a good boy the next day ;p

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yesterday I told mummy this...

Me: Mummy I want to go holiday!
Mummy beam with happiness
Mummy: ok you want to sit aeroplane?
Me (smile): Yes I want to sit helicopter
Mummy: ok give u choose Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Me: Taiwan
Mummy: ok Taiwan, Japan, Bangkok (trying to test me)
Me: Bangkok
Daddy laugh and say "ok Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore"
Me: Singapore

Both of them laugh
then daddy continued... "Ang mo Kio, Jurong, depot?"
Me: Depot
then Mummy intervene
Mummy: aiyo Jasper u already here!! no go holiday liao!
Me: I want to go Indonesia
Then 1 cycle repeat again... n end up no conclusion while the adults are discussing where to go next trip.

but the truth is I wanna go on a holiday again :)

Sunday at IMM ...

After another party (another little boy bd ...), we head down to IMM as nearby. Mummy wanted to buy our milk too...

Then we had our dinner at some jap restuarant there. Mei mei was sleeping soundly in the new pram.

Ok see the plate near me? see the radish or white thin slices? I love eating that!!! I nearly finish the entire thing.

btw, the place is Hoshi... can you spot the sign? Mummy pls feed me more of those white slices...
Last sat, we went to mei mei Chloe's 1st birthday party... we simply love the ice cream cake and nearly finish mummy's one! haha btw, Gemma face again kenna invaded with Mozzie bites... guess her blood real sweeettt

As usual with Gemma, we always run around...

Well for some shots requested by our parents... we peihe very well... n many of their frens praise us... cos we still v young to pose such photos... gosh! I blush!

Some titantic shots??!!! haha ;p

oh mei mei is struggling!!?

hmmm what is mei mei thinking of? I am 1 head taller than her... haha

Ok another pose n mei mei is happy so I got to SMILE too... my smile looks fake? hmmm

aiya how come I look into another cam?? or is there? how come I miss mummy cam?

M i sweet?? or ugly?? oh i have many scars on my face... i never fight... no no...

Mei mei again beating ple liao *hump

the famous slope... read more on Gemma blog...

Then we went Ikea after that to wait for another mummy fren. I keep tagging with auntie HJ cos I enjoy her company... she likes to play with me too... see

We later went over Giant and I walked with mummy frens, of cos includes auntie HJ. I held her hands to walk over. Mummy, Daddy and Gemma took the car n drive over.
Then we went to buy ingredients for making brownie as mummy frens wanted to eat.
Then we head down to one of the frens house nearby and bake cake and play w the house cat... I was abit scare but mei mei either v brave or ignorant... hahahha she keep chasing the cat... heard the cat can bite too.... scare...

Monday, October 5, 2009

More updates on me n mei mei together playing and just hanging out!

This is our "new" pram, given by mummy's fren and I love it! I slept on it for about 2 -3 hours on my first ride! see I make funny faces... notice Gemma sitting behind me.. wonder what she doing...

This is one of the dinner outing...

mei mei imitating my expression... haha

Yam ring...

On fri nite (02 Oct), we went to celebrate moon cake festival at Aloha chalet with daddy collegues. this is before we go on Bintan trip on sat!
Me (below) holding the lantern happily. We got to play fire crackers as well. It my first time holding one and we enjoy ourselves.

Boy Am I Growing!