Friday, March 26, 2010

Updates on Cherie heart school for me...

Mummy is proud of me that I only cried during the first week in school. She was so relieved that I have turned into a big and more understanding boy. On 22 March (second week), she quickly took half day as she was afraid I will still cry like last week. She wanted to give all the support she can. Turned up I just reach n follow the teacher in. Never look back. Teacher commented I didn't cry in school later too.

Mummy thot it was just concidence so asked auntie to monitor me for the rest of the days. In any way, if auntie can't cope w bringing me n mei mei to school, she got to think alternatives. I guess more or less I understand so didn't want mummy to be so difficult, also dun wan auntie to stress too much too. For the rest of the week, I was contented to sit on the tricycle but noti mei mei wanted to hug sometimes. N auntie no choice got to carry her. but I didn't bother auntie.

n I didn't cry since then. In fact, I am enjoying school and will come back to sing songs for the family. I also brought back my homework for mummy to see. Also my fav teacher is teacher Lynn and she taught chinese so now I know a few chinese words and will tell mummy. I use to only speak English.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I can ask "qu na li" ("Go where" in chinese loosely) yesterday. I learnt that in school cos I have a chinese teacher Ong. Mummy hope I can pick up on my mandarin. Well I am improving! I now keen to sing chinese songs too. And I can even sing the radio 88.3 tune.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My appetite now is improving ever since the sickness... Now I also eat meat and veg together with rice. no longer plain rice, to the relief of my mum. I even can request for meat. of cos I still like my soup. Hopefully I gain back my weight. By the way, I am over 90cm liao, so when mummy bringing me to Ikea? keke

I sang another song I learn in school yesterday and sang to mei mei again. I also sang the "two tigers" again and mei mei hum the rhyhtm and learning too...

yesterday in school I also ate the kaya toast, even though I just finish milk. and even ask for more. N I drank ribena. At first didn't want to eat but try one bite and started liao. hehe

Mummy test me my chinese and Japanese and realised my Jap is better. she point to the cat and ask what is this in Chinese. I say "Neko" haaa

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I cried more times today because now my parents dun follow me into the class room liao... but I still can see them outside waiting...

Breakfast was mantou and I dun wan to eat. I drank the milo though. I also didn't take the banana... Lunch was porridge and I ate 1 and half bowl.

I was v happy when i came home and for once, never quarrel with mei mei the whole day and played happily with her. I even sang the "two tigers" (chinese) song to her repeatedly until she say "no!" haaa I trying to teach her.

Papa got me a SIA digital cam for me but it seem having some problems and so we need to change it. Once it ok, I will have my own shots! cool!

Monday, March 15, 2010

First day at Cherie Hearts Depot!

Today is my first day in school and I am in playgroup 2. My parents were there to lend support to me. As usual I am very shy and didn't want to mix with the other kids. n I cried 2 times...
1st time is because papa force me to touch grapes, second time is when I didn't want to get into the room w/o mummy. but I know my parents are trying their best to make me feel comfy there. The school also allow either of them to be by my side today.

I manage to "survive" the first day of school and anyway it half day...
manage to eat the fried rice too... I used to dislike this but I think it nice.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi readers!

I am back from Taiwan... n recovering from a series of vomitting and diarhorea...

Overall enjoyable and xin ku my parents who have to carry me and mei mei thru out the trip!

My weight also came down to 12.1 kg...

will post updates and photos on trip on Gemma blog...

Boy Am I Growing!