Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is Jasper mummy... I would like to praise my little boy for something he did today which warm my heart. Though it is a simple gesture but it shows alot.

In the morning when I was carrying his mei mei as she was crying, I decided to show him some flash cards. I was sitting down and as I was showing them to him, she was crying. Next moment, Jasper stood up and walked over to me and sayang mei mei head. It was simple but make me feel happy that he cares alot abt her after all. I thot he was too young but guess he grown up!

He is now also willing to share things with her like playpen. If I asked him can I bao mei mei, he also nod head.

A picture of them together in his playpen:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now if you ask who is Jasper, I know how to point at myself and say "jasper"... Ah Ma taught me.

Today went shopping with her and mummy finally got new shoes for me...I was trying out happily.

At IMM shopping...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates on my speech development....

If I see something I like, I say "nice"

I can now also identify almost all my body parts, "eyes", "nose", "mouth", "ears", "head", "hair", "body", "legs", "toes", "hands", "fingers", "neck"

I can also understand simple instructions.

I can identity objects through their sounds they make too. Example buses and motorbikes downstairs... I can differentiate their engine noises. When the cuckoo clock rings, I also know it is the clock.

I also like to bluff that my head got knocked and point to my head so that mummy will sayang me.

I also start to understand that is mei mei and I will try to sayang her. But I still make noises... ;p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went Giant this morning to do some marketing before daddy goes to pick Nah Nah (Grandma) at the hospital. 

At Giant (IMM), I dropped my shoe while daddy was carrying me. Luckily the shoe was later found. we went to search for my new shoe for school too after marketing. However couldn't find any and we were in the rush as it was almost 11.30 a.m already.

In the late afternoon, daddy needed to go Marina Square to change some lights at Home fix and so we went there despite the heavy rain. Anyway, by the time we came out of the house, the rain was gettin lesser.

At Marina square, I ran around and walked the flights of stairs outside Home fix store... 

Dinner time was at Jack's place where I get to eat the kid's meal (fish and chips). I smiled at the waitress and she played with me too. I sat and stand on the sofa happily while I eat. I ate almost half of the fish and also ate the vegetables (carrots and peas). Mummy also ordered a black forest cake and shared with me. I ate half of the cake - yummy!

See my new moustache

I then waved bye bye to the waitress after mummy settled the bill.

I walked around and smile to a star hub jie jie. She smiled and give me a leaflet but I declined... and walked away.

We then went into Puma shop to see my shoes. I was very excited to see the kids shoes and insisted to mummy that I want to wear. After wearing, I even do a cat walk and walked to the mirror to see. The other adults shopping was amused by me. However the shoes daddy n I like was the last pair and so we didn't got it.

As I walked around, I saw mini toons shop - my favourite shop! I screamed in excitement n ran in, to the horror of my parents... keke

I also went into John Little, where I tried sunglasses... vain right?

I saw two jie jie (older by me by abt 2 yrs) playing n I joined them too. I even demostrate how to bend my knees like exercising n my parents laughed. I saw two gor gor running too n also joined them running....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This morning, I went to my school (Learning Vision @ Biopolis) again. This time is to buy my uniforms and also to register my place and to familiarise with the teachers there. At first I was abit shy to enter the place but after a while, I played with the teachers there and start walking around.

After that, we went to sixth avenue to makan our lunch. I had baked sausage rice and ice cream... yummy!

We then go Novena square. Daddy went to see Nah Nah (Grandma) in Tan Tock Seng as she tripped and fell at home yesterday. As I was too young, grandma told daddy not to bring me go so we waited at Novena square. I walked around and smiled at everyone even if they are not looking at me.

When daddy joined us, it was already dinner time. So we went to Magic Wok to makan. Nowadays I eat outside food so didn't really prepare porridge liao. I smiled at the guest at the next table and the man is so happy. His friend commented to him whether he wants to bring me back home.

Mei Mei was going to drink milk soon and so we decided to head back to car, so that mummy can bf her.

Mummy asked me if I wanna see planes and I reply yes. We pass thru Marina and saw many ple and guess there could be fireworks to watch. Then as we pass the bridge, suddenly huge flowers start popping in the sky. I was asleep but mummy n auntie woke me to see.... It was beautiful and I hope I can see it in near future.

In terminal 3, as usual I walked around everywhere, in mini toons and near water fountain. By then it was getting very late and so we head back home happily. I slept in the car again.... so tired.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Been some time since I updated blog... sorrie guys... been bz lookin after my mei mei ;p *wink

I like to look out for mei mei n would try to sayang her when she cries.

Nowadays I always trying out funny things n stunts to entertain the adults... keke...
I learn to walk backwards, do somersaults... I also make funny nose noises to make them laugh.

I learn to be guai guai if I wan to go ga-ga (shopping). Mummy and daddy say I behaved myself outside n they are v happy. That means I can go out more often! hurray!

I am still waiting for my molars to come out...

p.s: I also learn to climb onto high chair myself! it very dangerous but I master the art.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I realise I like durians! Mummy thot I wouldn't dare to eat the real ones but I eat like nobody business... mummy now get to eat them while she is in confinement....

This week, I learn how to say "please" when I ask for favour.

Yesterday morning, I also went to visit learning vision @ Biopolis and I kind of like the place and the principal. I was winking at her... n she say I was cheeky. Then my parents bring me go Harbourfront for a while. I am very happy to be out walking, finally break free and walking around. Mummy also very happy! oops...

Boy Am I Growing!