Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I told mummy I dun love auntie, but i love mummy... mummy is very happy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yesterday nite, I saw the movie "Shrek Forever and After" advert on tv and asked mummy if I can watch. Mummy say can if u wanna go cinema... I say ok... so see if mummy bring me go n if I be guai to sit thru! hehe

Before I slept I was real sweet with mummy. Papa told me mummy is a horse, n I tell him she is not! n I sayang mummy... then papa said I am a pig... I say no! I am a red car and papa is the pig... haha when papa keep saying I am a pig, I told him "I handsome papa is the pig!" haaaa

I figuring out y papa is saying all these... hmmm

then middle of nite I woke up n cried n look for auntie... mummy is v sad by my words (Looking for auntie n not her) :(
She cried n I didn't comfort her... mummy think she is bad mummy cos all 2 of us looking for maid... Mummy, i really sorrie for last nite epi... (Mei mei is still crying every nite for auntie... )

I still wan mummy to sleep w me n tok to me abt my school...

Friday, May 14, 2010

I really love teacher Lynn though she has left the school. Miss her and everytime mention her name to mummy.

Yesterday I ask mummy again "why haven't I got my uniforms?" mummy said she will ask these days...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Friday I comment mummy shirt ugly. N Ytd comment papa shirt not nice hehe... I have become their image consultant liao.

Oh ytd was Mother's day and we went out to eat w Ah ma and Ah Gong, n Yi Ma family.

I have made mummy a bookmark and wish her happy mother's day to her delight.

Happy Mother's day!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interesting conversations...

I always tell mummy I want to be a teacher, specifically a chinese teacher ever since I attended cherie hearts depot school. That becos I love my chinese teacher there. She is my role model.

But last nite mummy ask me whether I want to be teacher or principal... I didn't hesistate n reply the latter! hahahaa n mummy praise me cos principal is of higher rank n higer pay as well

As usual she also asked me abt school so I talked to her how my day there n how I vomited in the morn once.

I was toking abt checking ulcers in school...
Mummy: so got ulcer, you must apply cream and faster ok. Do not go n lick after apply too
Mummy: I also got one BIG one and after applying Ah gong powder, it disappear!
I: how come Ah gong got ah?
Mummy: Ah Gong open Medical shop 1! Ah Gong clever?
I: no... Ah Gong stupid...
I go on laughing then I clarify Ah Gong clever so is the rest...

I: I ate toast bread, that is for tea break la
Mummy: wow so nice, why didn't you offer me?
I: you go work mah
Mummy smile

Mummy: So, did you talk to your frens at school?
I: No, they talk to each other
Mummy: why not?
I: I am very quiet
Mummy: Must be friendly mah
I: Because I very guai mah
Mummy thinking "aiyo I tell you to stay quiet some times is not this type of instances ..." keke

During dinner, all of us in the room eating. I suddenly spoke

I: Mummy, auntie and mei mei noti
Auntie: Then u??
I: I stubborn
I smile hahaha

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I ask mummy where is my uniform yesterday... and mummy told me she will ask teacher one of these days if my uniform sizes have arrived! heeee great!

Boy Am I Growing!