Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy CNY!

been some time since I last post. was down with fever first then cough n running nose.... recovering v soon...

I have downloaded some photos from xmas... finally... haha

below is our (mei mei n I) xmas pressie from dad:

hopefully, mei mei grows up pretty fast so that I can ride her around the neighbourhood!
xmas tree at keppel island... i just wan to run away from papa!

playground at vivo... I simply love it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd class at little neuro tree

Last sat, it is my second class and this time it is conducted in English. It was my most powerful lang so I behave and excel better it seem.

Today I can concentrate more on the activities such as fixing jigsaw puzzle and feeding the bird (doing counting of 1 -20). There are some recaps from the previous lessons as well as totally new topics.

After lesson, we hug teacher Jacqueline and wave good bye. Our homework for today is to trace the letter A and B and to draw items that start with A and B.

I enjoy school and can't wait for sat again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I now still 10.4 kg.... haha but doc tells mummy that kids grow v fast even if u wan to stop so not to worry lo. Anyway I still eating just that these days i prefer milk. prob my teeth is giving problems again... Hope all the teeth comes out fully by CNY.

CNY is coming and mummy bought for us lots of nice clothings. can't wait to wear. Ah ma also bought me n mei mei traditonal chinese costume.

Yesterday my parents brought me to queensway to shop for papa's bermudas.

We nearly lost papa in the crowd and when mummy ask me where papa, i told her at first papa gone. when mummy probe further, I told her I don't know. haha

Then we went Macs to take a break and I got to eat my bread, fries and drink the fresh milk.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sat after goin to class, went back home to change and then we went to my papa's fren daughter full mth party. Mei mei wear very pretty. When reach there, as usual, I was shy. But later I warm up and still play cars with uncles and aunties. Cars Movie was playing too and I watched alittle. Mei mei was scare of strangers carrying her and cried so mummy carry her. but she didn't resist one Ah ma carrying her.

I ate the dessert and then my milk.

After that, we went to pray and then go to buy flowers at Far East Flora.

There were many flowers there and I enjoy walking around. Papa bought a pot home. Then we had dinner at Bong Tong Kee @ Balestier road. It was very crowded but we got our seats rather fast. While eating, I play with one auntie nearby. I winked at her too. Mei mei also smiled at her.

Then on sunday, almost the whole day we are out. Morning we went AMK hub. It was real crowded there. Seem many things to shop. We went to collect our free gift too from buying great eastern insurance.

after eating my lunch, we head down to ntuc to buy some fans for Nai nai. Daddy bought one more for our room since the fan abit spoilt too.

As we rushing to mummy fren surprise birthday party at Aspen heights condo, we didn't go up Nai nai house.

We reached there in time before the birthday gal came. wow so cool!

The kids get to eat some tidbits. I played with mummy collegues. my mummy fren is ex-collegue u see.

We later also went Regent hotel to meet Pearly auntie haha she must be upset cos we call her auntie. but actually she is quite young. The hotel is quite grand and I like to play on the carpet.

I took photo with Pearly auntie finally after much rejection. haha

After that, daddy thot maybe we shld go Chinatown but hesitated later since we are afraid that meimei will be crushed... so end up we shop at Robinsons which is very near.

It was rather quiet in Orchard. My parents went around shopping for clothes but couldn't see what is nice. end up we have dinner at Thai express where I enjoy my prawn toast. yummy!

As I slept a little just now while they shop, I was very alert when I reach home to the horror of my parents. keke.

however I was very guai and play with mei mei. I even sayang her two times and each time rather long. I commented how nice her hair clip is and even share my water bottle with her.

Then we play on the bed. By the time papa off the light then I realise it time for sleep, so I ask for water and guai guai lie on my bed.... zzz....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st class at Little Neuro Tree

My parents had been to the preview class last wkend and decided to enrol me. Hopefully I get to know more friends and learn and enjoy school. During the preview, I was abit grumpy at first cos I just woke up. But the presenter was friendly and managed to captured my attention. He gave me a balloon to play too.

Anyway toking about first class. Today it is the mandarin lesson. Overall, I feel the pace, class structure just right. There are lots of activites packed together, each causing few min. As they say young toddlers like me tend to lose interest fast. there another school of thot that say we learn things rather fast so eg like flashing cards, we only focus on the pictures so can be done fast.

Upon entering the class room, I find myself a seat and sit down. Behind is another seat which is my mama seat. She was supposed to be together with me guiding me with the work teacher give.

I was waiting for my classmates so mummy gave me cars to play. But when class starts, I refuse to let go. but teacher Huiyi play chinese songs and flash cards and caught my attention. I looked.

Then one classmate came in and sit beside me. Teacher greeted us and showed us the date and weather written on the board. After that, there was a series of activites. Some I like some not really.

Acivities include:

1) taking bird pictures with toy camera and identifying the birds. Return camera to teacher to "develop" and teacher will give them photos and recap the birds name.

2) Sing songs like "2 tigers" with flash cards. There are also raining songs, weather, 1-10, 11-20 and counting steps flash cards.

3) Using scissors to cut "vegetables" (playdoh). return scissors using the spectacle method. (homework)

4) Identifying raindrops, touch and feel (homework include colouring of raindrops)

5) differentiating big and small objects by placing in the correct house

6) memory games. Put different cards in each pocket and ask us to guess where is the correct card place.

7) Given a house with many items like watch and bag, To ask us if this is a watch, (in mandarin of cos) This is to let us say yes or no. (in mandarin)

After 1 hr, finally we sing goodbye song. I hug teacher tightly and give her a fan kiss.

We then went to bugis junction to shop. We went to play play doh (haha finally my dad allow!) and scissors for my homework. By the time I on my way home, I slept in the car until reach home. Very tired. Woke up at home and eat lunch. Next week is English lesson. Hopefully I fare better.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My molars are finally showing off... this might explain why I have been biting my hands or things at times. Hopefully they can come out fully and I can munch more things!

Yesterday had an enjoyable time going out with my family first to NSRCC chalet for a birthday party and thereafter, changi airport.

I had fun walking and running around, playing at the playground @ terminal 3. Mei mei also enjoy herself by watching me and other kids play. She keeps laughing - so cute.

can't wait to sit aeroplane in Feb!

P.S: got my air tickets yesterday.

Boy Am I Growing!