Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These few weeks I have been asking my family members and maid to call me 大 哥... hehe esp during meal times where I will ask them to call me this and I will come over... keke

Mei mei like to call me chor chor... I told her I not, n call me 大 哥 ....

but I still love her and most of the times do share w her things esp when she cries for it if I am holding. Sometimes I still do disturb her as in give her but throw in another direction lor ;p well, every siblings do fight rgt... it normal...

This week, I v imaginative ... I can pick up a fake phone n pretend to call papa n ask him if he will be late back home, n what time he coming back?

Then my playyard I make it my home n create a space for fake lift... I went inside n pretend to press button to go up. I press 5, 6 haaa... then the lift like not working. I step out n pick up the fake phone n pretend to call the service man.

"My lift is spoilt" "Can you come""Are you coming in the red or blue bus?""orgh blue ok"

奶奶 laughed and ask so is he coming in blue bus? I replied no, change to purple bus....

I also love to act, as I narrate what happen in school earlier. like my fren cry, I will tell mummy fren cry (n I will act crying boo hoo) hehe

Nowadays I also like to walk instead of take the tricycle to school...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I enjoyed my first movie in the cinema (at vivo) very much n ytd expressed interest in watching another show there again...

last sun, poor mummy fell down in IMM n she was carrying Gem at tat time. luckily mei mei is asleep so didn't notice/ injure too. papa n I quickly ran to her aid (as we walk quite a distance liao) n I found water around the area n told mummy "oh there is water here", mummy said now then know ,.... haha so everyone be careful when u walk as can be puddle of water even in shopping malls!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Last wkend I show improvements in my social skills. Went for mei mei birthday bash with her July frens on sat and then being a flower boy walking down the wedding aisle on sun!

Previously I was not able to mix with many ple n will def shy away. n if force to mingle, I will tear. but last wkend I show lots of improvement

On sat, I able to mix with the crowd, though I still try to play w mei mei only. I will not hide in 1 corner. Was not so shy anymore n decided that nobody is laughing or really watching me. I still worried from time to time in the beginning that I wan mummy to follow me. As the times goes on I have the most enjoyable time n towards the end, dun wish to go home!

Then sun, I went to my mummy fren's wedding lunch. I have promised earlier I help the bride to be flower boy that day. Mummy thot I would back up as the real scene is alot of people n photographer snapping away. Though I was already tired by 2 p.m, I tried to keep awake to complete the walk (2nd walk in for the couple)! hehe yes I got a pressie - a bubble gun n a hong bao. Thxs Auntie SP for letting me try! Appreciate n realise how big I have grown. Mummy was full of praise for me though I didn't really throw the petals ;p

Mei mei nearly walk with me but whenabt to enter the doors, she back up cos she wan mummy to walk w her. hahaha if not she be a star too. hehe

OK updates on me these past weeks. I been learning about alphabets again n now abt to recognise the alphabets n linking them to words. Like B for ball, balloon, w for whale, J for Jasper... etc... i can recognise the lower n upper cases as well. Hope to write them well next time round as my writing skills needs improvement...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mummy forgotten to record I started diaperless at nite since 04 June(last last Friday). cos that week i was sick and mummy took care of me n since she was at home, she got the energy to train me at nite. Since every nite most times I m dry with diaper on so decided to give it a go. I was ok so far. Hope no accidents...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I now finally speak these correct chinese words out liao.... mummy now know what I was toking about what these times.

Ok sometimes when I sang 2 tigers, when I reach second phase, I will sing "teacher lynn teacher lynn"

then mummy thot i must love her so much... but finally last Tues nite, I sang "在 这 里"

hahaha act I was trying to say 在 这 里

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ya I sang nobody but you...

Ytd nite I amuse mummy again by singing nobody but you...

n finally after my cough n fever episode last week, I ate some chicken porridge bought by Ah Ma... Thanks!
I vomitted out the food I ate in cc earlier... hopefully I get better soon.

Updates: Yes I been playing iphone alot but mummy limited me to play less than 1 hr every nite. I can speak almost all the chinese words when I see the pictures. n there was an auntie confirming my words are spell correctly. I can say "mao" (cat), hei sei (black), white, blue, green, red (my favourite colour of cos), mouse, carrot, mouth, eye, ear - all these in chinese. cos I use to be a "potato" n dun even speak a single word.

I also can identify numbers more accurately liao. like i can identify "17" from 4 other digits.

I can also say c is for car, curtain, cow... n many more n also for other alphabets. Hopefully next time I can read story book on my own. Actually now I can read one book abt old macdonalds had a farm and sang along with all the animals noises myself.

My chinese work at Cherie Hearts

Just 1 of the works I got from school...

Now I also learn a new biscuit song (in chinese)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teacher Parent Session at Cherie Hearts

Yesterday was the first time we had the parent meet teachers session and it was really a fruitful one. For one, we both agree he quite sensitive and QUIET QUIET QUIET boy... hahhaa a very quiet boy. Teacher Jeehan say academic wise, he is ok but he doesn't really talk.

However he has improvement which we have seen so far
1) He talks to teachers and when prompt to speak louder, he will
2) He sits together with his friends, unlike the first week of school where he stays far away from his mates
3) He does most of the things himself now, even at home, like wearing of shoes and pants instead of waiting or whining for someone to help him to do it

N we realise though he was quiet in school, he does absorb what he had learn. He will tell me what he did in school and sang the songs he was taught. So guess the next session I hope he will have improve on his social skills liao.

Actually I also realise the difference bet my 2 kids. Jasper def love routines. He also a "organised" person in such a way he wants things to be done in a certain way. N he gets impatient very easily when eg he can't fix a puzzle as fast as he can. like he will give up easily too and starts banging on the puzzle blocks or trying to dig out the blocks to solve it. I told him force doesn't make him fix the stuff and that he shoudl learn to calm down and try another method.

Gemma on the other hand take things more easily. She can adopt the bo chap way, very seldom I hear her venting anger on the poor blocks if she doesn't fx them in time. She will just laugh it off. or move on to another item. Well there good and bad of it but guess her temper on this is better. why i say this? cos my gal can have hot temper too but not becos of not able to do things right. but she can insist on not having you touch her for eg. She will scream and push you away fiercely... hot chilli pepper...

Boy Am I Growing!