Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have been attending Kumon trial class for Maths since last Tuesday and enjoying the class though it ends less than 20 min. Everyday I also spend abt 5 - 10 min completing the worksheets too. Have been progressing very well and I am able to spell my name "Jasper" liao. though I still cant really write, need mummy to help me together.

Mummy will most likely enrol me next Jan after my Happy Train school ends in Dec.

When I first started, I was given diagnostic test and teacher is surprised that I can count quite fast though I do skip after number 15. sometimes correctly say, sometimes jumble numbers liek 16 and 18. but mummy say it good enough for my age. Guess practice make perfect.

Mummy notice sometimes I will misread "6" as number nine... but she will make me say again, without telling me it six. and I get to tick every worksheet I complete by myself. Also from completing worksheets, I get the concept of time (cos I need to put time I do, and the time I finish) and also discipline as in sitting down properly, and using my finger to point at each items I counted to improve my concentration and not be careless to overcount or miss any items. We are also encouraged to count in a clockwise manner or whichever round manner we are comfy in the sense that we dun skip or miss any items.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Few wks ago, I able to grasp the concept of Monday to Sunday and even sang the song. I also can use today and tomorrow and yesterday...

Monday, July 5, 2010

I started singing new version of "nobody but you"... it is....

"Nobody bite you"

n I can sing it whole day long... keke

Last Sat, I also took intiative to return my library books to the librarian instead of the trolley. I must say I not so shy n scare to approach ple nowadays. Mummy wanted to ask the counter for the free folder promotion for every 4 books since we borrowed later. I also volunteer to ask. Though not so clear, the counter got the meaning n ask us to go to a small makeshift table where a older boy sit there chopping the receipt n giving out the folders. I am more confident now n feel proud of myself.

Boy Am I Growing!