Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was mama visit to gynae today. All is well... mei mei is growing and doc ask to see her in a week time to check the cervix liao. Mummy then went to buy durian puffs from 4 seasons... she share the treat with me... yummy!

Then we went to IMM. I saw a merry go round ride but in the form of cars outside the banquet. There was a green car available and I sat inside taking the wheel...

Then the girl got off the red car and I decided to sit there and ask mama to help me. When I went in, I notice the car interior full of noodles and say dirty dirty eee.... hehe mama was amused and quickly get me out.

See my disgusted look...

We also went Diaso where I get to walk and then explore things. I happened to see a ball and started throwing. In the end, my parents stop me and brought me to the water playground to play.

Though it is not my first time there, it was def first time playing in it since I started walking. It was real fun (I play for about 20 min) and I hope I can play sometime again soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nowadays I know how to choose my style... I get to choose shoes to wear.

I also dare to wear my cap when everyone say I look handsome with it. I look at the mirror and smile. I very vain rgt?

let u see how vain i am.... still wearing my cars watch even when sleeping... keke

This week I started planting kisses on mummy tummy (mei mei) when mummy ask me... I must be good to mei mei... can't wait for her arrival...

some new words I learn to speak if I haven't record earlier:
1) take it
2) cat
3) truck
4) cake
5) sit
6) shoe
7) drop
8) pea
9) book
10) bang
11) throw
12) knock (I purposely knock my head and then I will touch the area and say "knock!")
13) ball
14) stop
15) move
16) walk
17) wet
18) Bed
19) bowl
20) pull
21) where
22) read

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It was raining this morning and we thought it will be a wet day today. Anyway, luckily it finally stopped.

My parents went to plaza singapura to meet their uni frens. We went to starhub too to see/enquiry cable tv packages. While we at counter, I wanted to take a pen and then I try to "write". Then the sales lady came and say she needs the pen back and mummy take it from me. I cried v loudly as it was being snatched from me and the sales lady had no choice but to give me a highlighter... mummy say I am a terror... hahha

After our lunch (I ate my own porridge - quite big bowl and also mummy food again! somemore got chilli one. Then eat some more biscuits and mummy friends remark y I am still eating after my meal... haha mummy say to keep me occupied while she is eating... oh...), we head down to Minds cafe. I was tired and napped there. I was woken up by the noises of people playing games. But I was brave and never cried and looked around.

While the adults are playing board games, I was playing with my cars. I even "steal" and eat one cracker from the basket... when mummy caught me eating, it was already in my mouth! yummy!

I also get to carry my small haversack (see above) but later I find too heavy liao (I look so ko lian rgt?)... then I ask daddy to take out for me. Generally mummy is quite pleased with my performance today as I didn't try to roam out of the table area...

After the 2 hours there, we bid farewell to my parents friend and head down to Excelsior hotel. We are eating buffet dinner with Ah Ma and Ah Gong. It was a post father day celebration.

As the time was still early, we went to Funan centre and walked around. I was very happy walking around and following pa pa, as I keep calling pa pa.

We went book shop and some computer shops. We stayed the longest in book shop where I can walk around and feel the books... hehe I keep saying "books" and screamed in delight. Mummy keep telling me to keep my volume low... she scare the salesgirl scold or even chase us away... but i didn't mess the place... I just walked and screamed. And some people smiled at me too.

At 6.30 p.m, we head back to the hotel to River City restaurant. It was an old building. And you know wat? Just learnt that mummy once got lost in this hotel before! when she was v young, she came with her uncle family and hers. Then she was playing some game machines at the lobby with her cousins... suddenly when she stopped playing, nobody was around. She panicked but thought of car park... she was thinking if she returned to car park and waited at the car, then should be fine... my mummy clever right? My Ah Ma say tat time maybe she was 5 yrs old.

But when she go to the car park, she found the 2 cars gone!! She broke down and cried cos the last help was gone... luckily a kind lobby manager took pity and console my mum... in the end my Ah Ma came back and took her home. They had expected my grand uncle to fetch her in their car while my grand uncle thought the other way... so in the end, they head down to next destination. When reached and they count the kids, it didn't tally and then they realised it mummy!

So funny... anyway, mummy dun wanna me lost this time ;p
My granduncle also so qiao just flew home from China and so joined us for dinner too. He gave mei mei a gift from China.

I ate rice and the meat and veg from the buffet table as well. I was given my bowl to learn how to self feed too. I was very preoccupied in chewing and handling my own bowl that I forgot to whine ;p

I also get to feed mummy and daddy - so happy about my achievement. Though sometimes I use my hands to eat...

I also walked alot there with Ah Gong and Ah Ma...

By the time I reached home, it was rather late but I am very happy. Going to have my milk now and take koon... good nite... oops... forgot that I will brush teeth too...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today we went market again to buy items to cook for the week...

Then when reach home, I got hair cut by my mum. I was rather guai as I sat on pa pa's lap while cutting my hair. Now I feel lighter... hehe

We also went vivo and harbourfront. We went there to collect an infant car carrier for mei mei at mothercare. Pa pa also get a new limited edition tanned hello kitty for mummy for her birthday present next month. I was amazed by how the kitty got stuffed with the cotton wool and dressing up. However I still not quite interested in stuffed toys even when daddy give me choose.

I am more interested in the pants (doll pants) and took it off the shelf and walked around the shop of cos... mummy say cannot bring out.

Mummy kitty also got a birth cert.
Photo below: kiddy ride outside mothercare with mummy...

Dinner time we went to Anchorpoint where mummy and daddy also got their hair cut. I also get to eat some of mummy food, though I bring my home cooked food liao.

Tomorrow looking forward to outing with my parents. Pan pan auntie on off day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have been sick lately after the jabs...

I have been vomitting, having diarrhoea and running nose... not much appetite and lost weight.

Today feeling better but seem got fever now. Feeling better in the sense that I can finish my milk and still have appetite to eat other food which is a good sign.

I have also pick up new words like clouds, shoes, sit, kick, no more, moon.... etc...

I also now know how to choose the shoes I want to wear and then go sit at the small cushion stool near door entrance to let the adult wear my shoes. Soon, I hope I can wear the shoes myself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Thurs and wkends, mummy and daddy bought many things like toys and food for me. There was this motherhood fair. I get to "shop" too.

Then we also went to toy R us forum where daddy bought the laughing elmo for me. Also bought a remote plane and cars.

Then daddy brought us to Suntec world book fair where mummy bought some chinese books for me. Some books are abt $1 plus only... very cheap.

I also got my MMR and pneumo jab #1 last sunday too... ouch! I only need 2 jabs now for pneumo and I am thankful for that!

These few days got to rest well so that I can fully recover from my jabs...

Monday, June 2, 2008

On Sunday morning, actually wanted to go Tiong Bahru mkt but ended up in IMM cos it looked like it going to rain...

I have a fun time at IMM too, get to "shop" and walk alot as usual.

Today got a few incidents with strangers... 1 actually is not so a stranger but I seen her v few times only. She wanted to carry me but I quickly run away after smiling... I also shake my head...

However, I got caught by surprise by a middle aged lady who came up to me. At first she sayang my head, then suddenly she gave a kiss on my head! oops!

Then at mothercare marina square, mummy bought many t-shirts for me. There, got 1 caucasian wanted to befriend me and say I very cute... I still remain shy cos mummy say I need to be wary of strangers.

Then finally on way home, another foreigner actually wanted to take photo of me walking around, I noticed and quickly walked away. phew!

By the time I reached home, I was so tired that I dozed off in the car. I slept until around 11 p.m when I got woken up... prob I was hungry and so I drank my milk and KO...

Boy Am I Growing!