Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I started eating prawns and peanut butter already btw.... so far no allergy so that means I can eat liao... in fact I was given peanut butter while I was in cc that time already.

then last Sun my parents brought me to vivo and we ate at Thai Express and my mum ordered prawn toast... yummy... I eat almost the whole slice.

I like going to vivo to walk around and go Toysrus. Also like to go to the children play area to play the slope and water sprays...

Monday, December 15, 2008

I have forgotten what I want to write when I login...

anyway, these days I have learn how to speak sentences. It not so complete, can be broken but it great to piece words together.

I can also act cute and make strangers smile and give me sweets n goodies... that a good deal rgt...

anyway, mummy not too free to post pics of me n mei mei these days. She also struggling to finish her photobook which is expiring soon... I can see her struggling and pulling her hair... let not make her anxious liao...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Now I know how to speak with two or three words together...

can also speak up to 3 syllabus words.

I like to add "already" to other words... haha like "gone already", "finish already"

I also now be big gor gor, that day I just pull out mei mei hand from her mouth and tell her dun suck her fingers...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

see how I chop vegi...

yesterday at Kranji resort .... more details in my mei mei blog

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I now know how to sing the ABC song. whenever mummy say ABC...F, pause... I say G

then mummy continue HIJK...NO the i say P.... hehe this continue after the song finish.

I also can sing along the twinke little stars song too.

Today we went to mummy fren's bb full month at Changi chalet. I played with gor gor Ace and xavier and some jie jies. Play with balloons.... It was fun. I also get to see the small di di who I sayang him. Mei Mei also follows but she sleep in the pram while I play.

Will update photos.

btw, I find mei mei so cute, can't help to laugh when I play infront of her. cos whenver I play, she laughs at me. so cute....

I license to go overseas liao!!! Wait for me aeroplane!

Last Sat, I finally receive my passport. Got to wait for the long long queue... almost waited for more than an hour. Mummy say she is bringing us to HK next Feb to meet her frens. Mei mei will not be joining as mummy think she still abit small and prefer to stay home. so mummy got to work hard now to build her her milk reserve... jia you!

Mummy say when mei mei grows bigger, she will also have her own passport and then all 4 of us will go another trip again. Hopefully, I enjoy the plane flight...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bridge climb

We did a bridge climb from Alexandra to Henderson waves some time back in September... I walked as well as being carried...

very tiring but we saw many monkeys there... what a sight...

My daddy and I

So thristy...

Do I look like Sam Seng or Ah Beng?

Pictures of me n me n me...

We are browsing some of the pictures and realised that I have many pictures not uploaded. I wanna share with u guys...

taken 3 days b4 going into LV... (30 August)

My pretty mei mei

hmm why mei mei dun wanna see camera?
Action for Gone...

Taken two day before I go LV... we were at vivo...

Taken on 1 sep where I supposed to report to school but it teacher day so holi...

This is my first time to a farm and Ah Ma bring me there... see I so shocked... hehe

The boy besides me is my nephew Deon.

Crazy shaking head video... see u know wat I meant...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yesterday mummy brought me to playground again after work. I saw a gor gor (abt 4 yrs old) there and play tennis balls with him. I laughed whenever the balls bounced. Gor gor even want to carry me.... I laughed and gamely nod my head when he ask. but mummy say he not strong enough. gor gor says tall people can carry short people...

There was this little girl, slightly older than me, eating dinner there. Mummy talk to her mummy and by then it was nite time and so we head back home to eat dinner.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This morning, I was again v cheeky... my mum gave me my milk when I woke up... then she walked away. I drank halfway and called for her... Pan pan auntie came in instead but I insist on my mum.... so my mum got no choice but to coem in and make me drink the milk again. I finished and smiled at her...

haha ended up she was late for work...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today I am back to my happy self! Mummy is so relieved.

Early in the morn, we went to Tiong Bahru mkt to buy meat, seafood n vegi for this week. Then we head to macdonald @ west coast for our breakfast. I ate my bread and also pancakes. I also drank the apple juice. This was my first time drinking from a packet drink! haha. I learned how to drink from the straw from cc... so guess I actually learn some thing from school.

After eating, we went for a walk around the park and I get to play at the playground. Intially I was abit afraid of the sand but after reassuration, I ventured out and keep walking non-stop. The heat is on but I didn't bother about the persiration...

I like to walk up and down the slopes walk which is found in the park too. I hope I will be returning soon to play again.

In the afternoon, as promised, my parents brought me to Great world city... This time I get to "shop" we went to Mothers work and I play with a gor gor there. I play with the cars and everything there... haha.

I was walking around the whole shopping mall, running at times. I also sit on those rides. Then we went Ben n Jerry for ice creams... I eat bread while my parents eat the ice cream haha... dun get me wrong... it becos I decline the icecreams...

Pic below... hear no evil... keke

Cheeky Me...

Then I went back home to eat my dinner. While on my way home, I slept cos I was v tired after all the walking.

P.S: mummy found out that I am really jealous of mei mei. Each time she carrys her, I would walk over and get attention by making noises. I look at mei mei and want to beat her... but mummy reassure that she still loves me. I had been noti boy ;p but I dun admit.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am down with fever last wed... dunno wat happen... doc say could be virus from outside brought in by my parents... mummy is so upset n wish me well soon...

doc gave me a tablet to inset into my buttocks... I was too tired to shout or too engrossed by the toy daddy was showing me when it happen. There was no pain.

My fever finally subsided by Fri but I was still taking the medicine. but mummy could still hear my throat like got phelgm. so still taking antibiotics.

I am 20 months now... I am speaking quite alot of words too. I also like to talk to my mum, ah ma and gong gong over the phone.

Today all of us went out including my little sister. I actually finish the home-cooked porridge. We will at Great World City foodcourt. I like there as there is a play theme (kids corner) there. There are other kids there and I like to watch them play.

However we didn't walk much as mei mei needs her milk liao and mei mei dun wan to drink mi mi directly.... so we head back home. mummy and daddy say prob bring me come another time. also can see any toys to buy for their fren's bb boy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today I been a sweet boy... I wave goodbye to mummy when she go to work. I didn't wan to follow as I know she is goin to work...

then yesterday I still speak to her through the phone.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Had been staying home on wkdays... but mummy bring me to playgrounds or ntuc after work

mummy and daddy brought me out last wkend. Sat we went to my mum's fren new house. There was a gor gor there (age 4 yrs) called Xavier. Actually I seen him b4, but I still shy and didn't warm up immed. He share his car toys with me. We play and also fight. I also ate a cake there.

Just about we are leaving, I got to play "jumping" on bed and sofa with gor gor. to the horror of my parents. anyway, the adults are happy that at least we are enjoying ourselves and playing together happily. I hope I will go there soon to play with gor gor.

Sun I went to farm at Pasir Ris. At first wanted to go for a swim but not enough time and by the time ready the weather was too hot. so ended up we went to the farm. we went to see dogs home... there were many dogs, big and small playing. They were very cute and I was screaming away and trying to touch them.

then we proceed to Kids Kampong where I feed the fishes and see the rabbits and ducks.

We ate our dinner at nearby Downtown east. It has changed alot since my birthday. Now there a new shopping mall where there is this Ferris Wheel. Though I hungry, I refuse to eat my chicken rice. Ended up I didn't eat and slept.

By the time I reach home, it was already 9 plus. mummy thought I will sleep on but I didn't... haha I woke up after I got out of the car... in the end I slept only 11 plus...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today is my pa pa birthday... Happy birthday!! 

We went mkt early in the morning as tomorrow gonna go to Hort park for some bb event.

We went vivo city for shopping and dinner. I was smiling away at strangers and happily shake hands with other children at the mall. 

I was my mischievous self and I hit my hand on the table and claimed my hand hurts... silly me rgt? but mummy and daddy is so amused by me that I make their day.

We didn't get back home till about 11 p.m.... exceptional case since I should be sleepin by 9 p.m

will post some photos soon.

P.S: my lovely parents decided to let me stay at home next week. They might take me out of school for the time being. They cited that I am a little upset and quiet these days...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi hi! I m back!

I am very busy now cos I started school already! Mummy says I big boi liao. btw, I am exact 19 mth old liao!
I just started school (Learning Vision At Biopolis) this Sep and that's explains y I mia. Actually the first 2 weeks were tough. I keep crying many times.

First day I didn't cry cos I didn't tot my parents will leave me there. Then after I realise I cried even though the teacher consoled me and hug me.

Second day, I cried the moment my parents let teacher Nora hug me. Third day I cried/ panicked the moment I step into the school. Fourth day I panicked and wan my mummy to hug when taking temperature which is outside the entrance of school.

Fifth day I started to be nervous upon entering the building...
n I kenna 2 times of viral fever and now still nursing from a flu and cough...

so u think I can't handle school rgt? then u r wrong, cos this week I show improvements. At least this is what the adults say. When mummy and daddy come, I smiled at them. I didn't cry so I v brave. Mummy will also bring nice cakes and bread for me to eat. I also didn't cling like koala liao... teacher do not need to keep hugging me for whole day. I can now sit with those gor gors instead of clingin onto teacher.
However I still do not wan daddy to carry me in the evenings cos he is always the one who bring me to school... haha I scare he pass me to teacher and leave again.... though mummy reassure me tat we goin home.
Anyway, I very happy to be in school and there are many friends there.

Here are some photos taken with my uniform on...

1st day at school...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is Jasper mummy... I would like to praise my little boy for something he did today which warm my heart. Though it is a simple gesture but it shows alot.

In the morning when I was carrying his mei mei as she was crying, I decided to show him some flash cards. I was sitting down and as I was showing them to him, she was crying. Next moment, Jasper stood up and walked over to me and sayang mei mei head. It was simple but make me feel happy that he cares alot abt her after all. I thot he was too young but guess he grown up!

He is now also willing to share things with her like playpen. If I asked him can I bao mei mei, he also nod head.

A picture of them together in his playpen:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now if you ask who is Jasper, I know how to point at myself and say "jasper"... Ah Ma taught me.

Today went shopping with her and mummy finally got new shoes for me...I was trying out happily.

At IMM shopping...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates on my speech development....

If I see something I like, I say "nice"

I can now also identify almost all my body parts, "eyes", "nose", "mouth", "ears", "head", "hair", "body", "legs", "toes", "hands", "fingers", "neck"

I can also understand simple instructions.

I can identity objects through their sounds they make too. Example buses and motorbikes downstairs... I can differentiate their engine noises. When the cuckoo clock rings, I also know it is the clock.

I also like to bluff that my head got knocked and point to my head so that mummy will sayang me.

I also start to understand that is mei mei and I will try to sayang her. But I still make noises... ;p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went Giant this morning to do some marketing before daddy goes to pick Nah Nah (Grandma) at the hospital. 

At Giant (IMM), I dropped my shoe while daddy was carrying me. Luckily the shoe was later found. we went to search for my new shoe for school too after marketing. However couldn't find any and we were in the rush as it was almost 11.30 a.m already.

In the late afternoon, daddy needed to go Marina Square to change some lights at Home fix and so we went there despite the heavy rain. Anyway, by the time we came out of the house, the rain was gettin lesser.

At Marina square, I ran around and walked the flights of stairs outside Home fix store... 

Dinner time was at Jack's place where I get to eat the kid's meal (fish and chips). I smiled at the waitress and she played with me too. I sat and stand on the sofa happily while I eat. I ate almost half of the fish and also ate the vegetables (carrots and peas). Mummy also ordered a black forest cake and shared with me. I ate half of the cake - yummy!

See my new moustache

I then waved bye bye to the waitress after mummy settled the bill.

I walked around and smile to a star hub jie jie. She smiled and give me a leaflet but I declined... and walked away.

We then went into Puma shop to see my shoes. I was very excited to see the kids shoes and insisted to mummy that I want to wear. After wearing, I even do a cat walk and walked to the mirror to see. The other adults shopping was amused by me. However the shoes daddy n I like was the last pair and so we didn't got it.

As I walked around, I saw mini toons shop - my favourite shop! I screamed in excitement n ran in, to the horror of my parents... keke

I also went into John Little, where I tried sunglasses... vain right?

I saw two jie jie (older by me by abt 2 yrs) playing n I joined them too. I even demostrate how to bend my knees like exercising n my parents laughed. I saw two gor gor running too n also joined them running....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This morning, I went to my school (Learning Vision @ Biopolis) again. This time is to buy my uniforms and also to register my place and to familiarise with the teachers there. At first I was abit shy to enter the place but after a while, I played with the teachers there and start walking around.

After that, we went to sixth avenue to makan our lunch. I had baked sausage rice and ice cream... yummy!

We then go Novena square. Daddy went to see Nah Nah (Grandma) in Tan Tock Seng as she tripped and fell at home yesterday. As I was too young, grandma told daddy not to bring me go so we waited at Novena square. I walked around and smiled at everyone even if they are not looking at me.

When daddy joined us, it was already dinner time. So we went to Magic Wok to makan. Nowadays I eat outside food so didn't really prepare porridge liao. I smiled at the guest at the next table and the man is so happy. His friend commented to him whether he wants to bring me back home.

Mei Mei was going to drink milk soon and so we decided to head back to car, so that mummy can bf her.

Mummy asked me if I wanna see planes and I reply yes. We pass thru Marina and saw many ple and guess there could be fireworks to watch. Then as we pass the bridge, suddenly huge flowers start popping in the sky. I was asleep but mummy n auntie woke me to see.... It was beautiful and I hope I can see it in near future.

In terminal 3, as usual I walked around everywhere, in mini toons and near water fountain. By then it was getting very late and so we head back home happily. I slept in the car again.... so tired.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Been some time since I updated blog... sorrie guys... been bz lookin after my mei mei ;p *wink

I like to look out for mei mei n would try to sayang her when she cries.

Nowadays I always trying out funny things n stunts to entertain the adults... keke...
I learn to walk backwards, do somersaults... I also make funny nose noises to make them laugh.

I learn to be guai guai if I wan to go ga-ga (shopping). Mummy and daddy say I behaved myself outside n they are v happy. That means I can go out more often! hurray!

I am still waiting for my molars to come out...

p.s: I also learn to climb onto high chair myself! it very dangerous but I master the art.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I realise I like durians! Mummy thot I wouldn't dare to eat the real ones but I eat like nobody business... mummy now get to eat them while she is in confinement....

This week, I learn how to say "please" when I ask for favour.

Yesterday morning, I also went to visit learning vision @ Biopolis and I kind of like the place and the principal. I was winking at her... n she say I was cheeky. Then my parents bring me go Harbourfront for a while. I am very happy to be out walking, finally break free and walking around. Mummy also very happy! oops...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recent updates

I now know a few more new words and can understand more. I can nod my head now and say "yes" and "please" 

However, I been a noti boy these days. I dun wanna poo in my potty anymore... I simply refuse and mummy dun know wat wrong w me...

I also keep wanting to be carried when I see my little sister being carried... I think I jealous... but I not admitting.

But I do love mei mei, I sometimes sayang her and kiss her on the cheek... secretly hoping she grow up soon and play w me!

I be going to school v soon too in September. Mummy will be bringing me go since she is on materity leave. I hope to make more friends there.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Member Has Arrived...

This week has been an exciting week for me... mummy came home with my mei mei. I got lots of presents from mei mei. However I seem to wan ple to carry and hug me... 

I was abit jealous but mummy try to spend time with me. However she can't carry me cos she just given birth... I do miss her. I also drink some of the BM mummy pump out... miss those days...

Now I can call mummy "mi mi" liao. I can also call gong gong, ah ma, nah nah, auntie and uncle.

I can recognise alot of pictures like identifying a frog, lion when mummy ask me to. 

I got to go liao... mei mei is crying and I wan to see/comfort her.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was mama visit to gynae today. All is well... mei mei is growing and doc ask to see her in a week time to check the cervix liao. Mummy then went to buy durian puffs from 4 seasons... she share the treat with me... yummy!

Then we went to IMM. I saw a merry go round ride but in the form of cars outside the banquet. There was a green car available and I sat inside taking the wheel...

Then the girl got off the red car and I decided to sit there and ask mama to help me. When I went in, I notice the car interior full of noodles and say dirty dirty eee.... hehe mama was amused and quickly get me out.

See my disgusted look...

We also went Diaso where I get to walk and then explore things. I happened to see a ball and started throwing. In the end, my parents stop me and brought me to the water playground to play.

Though it is not my first time there, it was def first time playing in it since I started walking. It was real fun (I play for about 20 min) and I hope I can play sometime again soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nowadays I know how to choose my style... I get to choose shoes to wear.

I also dare to wear my cap when everyone say I look handsome with it. I look at the mirror and smile. I very vain rgt?

let u see how vain i am.... still wearing my cars watch even when sleeping... keke

This week I started planting kisses on mummy tummy (mei mei) when mummy ask me... I must be good to mei mei... can't wait for her arrival...

some new words I learn to speak if I haven't record earlier:
1) take it
2) cat
3) truck
4) cake
5) sit
6) shoe
7) drop
8) pea
9) book
10) bang
11) throw
12) knock (I purposely knock my head and then I will touch the area and say "knock!")
13) ball
14) stop
15) move
16) walk
17) wet
18) Bed
19) bowl
20) pull
21) where
22) read

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It was raining this morning and we thought it will be a wet day today. Anyway, luckily it finally stopped.

My parents went to plaza singapura to meet their uni frens. We went to starhub too to see/enquiry cable tv packages. While we at counter, I wanted to take a pen and then I try to "write". Then the sales lady came and say she needs the pen back and mummy take it from me. I cried v loudly as it was being snatched from me and the sales lady had no choice but to give me a highlighter... mummy say I am a terror... hahha

After our lunch (I ate my own porridge - quite big bowl and also mummy food again! somemore got chilli one. Then eat some more biscuits and mummy friends remark y I am still eating after my meal... haha mummy say to keep me occupied while she is eating... oh...), we head down to Minds cafe. I was tired and napped there. I was woken up by the noises of people playing games. But I was brave and never cried and looked around.

While the adults are playing board games, I was playing with my cars. I even "steal" and eat one cracker from the basket... when mummy caught me eating, it was already in my mouth! yummy!

I also get to carry my small haversack (see above) but later I find too heavy liao (I look so ko lian rgt?)... then I ask daddy to take out for me. Generally mummy is quite pleased with my performance today as I didn't try to roam out of the table area...

After the 2 hours there, we bid farewell to my parents friend and head down to Excelsior hotel. We are eating buffet dinner with Ah Ma and Ah Gong. It was a post father day celebration.

As the time was still early, we went to Funan centre and walked around. I was very happy walking around and following pa pa, as I keep calling pa pa.

We went book shop and some computer shops. We stayed the longest in book shop where I can walk around and feel the books... hehe I keep saying "books" and screamed in delight. Mummy keep telling me to keep my volume low... she scare the salesgirl scold or even chase us away... but i didn't mess the place... I just walked and screamed. And some people smiled at me too.

At 6.30 p.m, we head back to the hotel to River City restaurant. It was an old building. And you know wat? Just learnt that mummy once got lost in this hotel before! when she was v young, she came with her uncle family and hers. Then she was playing some game machines at the lobby with her cousins... suddenly when she stopped playing, nobody was around. She panicked but thought of car park... she was thinking if she returned to car park and waited at the car, then should be fine... my mummy clever right? My Ah Ma say tat time maybe she was 5 yrs old.

But when she go to the car park, she found the 2 cars gone!! She broke down and cried cos the last help was gone... luckily a kind lobby manager took pity and console my mum... in the end my Ah Ma came back and took her home. They had expected my grand uncle to fetch her in their car while my grand uncle thought the other way... so in the end, they head down to next destination. When reached and they count the kids, it didn't tally and then they realised it mummy!

So funny... anyway, mummy dun wanna me lost this time ;p
My granduncle also so qiao just flew home from China and so joined us for dinner too. He gave mei mei a gift from China.

I ate rice and the meat and veg from the buffet table as well. I was given my bowl to learn how to self feed too. I was very preoccupied in chewing and handling my own bowl that I forgot to whine ;p

I also get to feed mummy and daddy - so happy about my achievement. Though sometimes I use my hands to eat...

I also walked alot there with Ah Gong and Ah Ma...

By the time I reached home, it was rather late but I am very happy. Going to have my milk now and take koon... good nite... oops... forgot that I will brush teeth too...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today we went market again to buy items to cook for the week...

Then when reach home, I got hair cut by my mum. I was rather guai as I sat on pa pa's lap while cutting my hair. Now I feel lighter... hehe

We also went vivo and harbourfront. We went there to collect an infant car carrier for mei mei at mothercare. Pa pa also get a new limited edition tanned hello kitty for mummy for her birthday present next month. I was amazed by how the kitty got stuffed with the cotton wool and dressing up. However I still not quite interested in stuffed toys even when daddy give me choose.

I am more interested in the pants (doll pants) and took it off the shelf and walked around the shop of cos... mummy say cannot bring out.

Mummy kitty also got a birth cert.
Photo below: kiddy ride outside mothercare with mummy...

Dinner time we went to Anchorpoint where mummy and daddy also got their hair cut. I also get to eat some of mummy food, though I bring my home cooked food liao.

Tomorrow looking forward to outing with my parents. Pan pan auntie on off day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have been sick lately after the jabs...

I have been vomitting, having diarrhoea and running nose... not much appetite and lost weight.

Today feeling better but seem got fever now. Feeling better in the sense that I can finish my milk and still have appetite to eat other food which is a good sign.

I have also pick up new words like clouds, shoes, sit, kick, no more, moon.... etc...

I also now know how to choose the shoes I want to wear and then go sit at the small cushion stool near door entrance to let the adult wear my shoes. Soon, I hope I can wear the shoes myself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Thurs and wkends, mummy and daddy bought many things like toys and food for me. There was this motherhood fair. I get to "shop" too.

Then we also went to toy R us forum where daddy bought the laughing elmo for me. Also bought a remote plane and cars.

Then daddy brought us to Suntec world book fair where mummy bought some chinese books for me. Some books are abt $1 plus only... very cheap.

I also got my MMR and pneumo jab #1 last sunday too... ouch! I only need 2 jabs now for pneumo and I am thankful for that!

These few days got to rest well so that I can fully recover from my jabs...

Monday, June 2, 2008

On Sunday morning, actually wanted to go Tiong Bahru mkt but ended up in IMM cos it looked like it going to rain...

I have a fun time at IMM too, get to "shop" and walk alot as usual.

Today got a few incidents with strangers... 1 actually is not so a stranger but I seen her v few times only. She wanted to carry me but I quickly run away after smiling... I also shake my head...

However, I got caught by surprise by a middle aged lady who came up to me. At first she sayang my head, then suddenly she gave a kiss on my head! oops!

Then at mothercare marina square, mummy bought many t-shirts for me. There, got 1 caucasian wanted to befriend me and say I very cute... I still remain shy cos mummy say I need to be wary of strangers.

Then finally on way home, another foreigner actually wanted to take photo of me walking around, I noticed and quickly walked away. phew!

By the time I reached home, I was so tired that I dozed off in the car. I slept until around 11 p.m when I got woken up... prob I was hungry and so I drank my milk and KO...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I now know how to diff bet gate and door. I can say gate liao when I come across one.

I can say "oval" too but not v clear.

Today I have been noti, in fact these few days I have been cranky even at middle of nites. I wonder m I getting jealous of mei mei liao?

I pass by demo educational computers at Tiong Bahru Plaza and wanted to play. However I click anyhow and cause the software to close. Mummy and pan pan auntie had to bring me along which cause me to cry uncontrollingly... but mummy told me it is not right to spoilt ple computers.

Later in the evening, my parents brought me to Ikea. I wanted to play the game room but I am too short ;p

My parents bought me a kid table and few chairs. In future, me n mei mei can share the table and chairs. cos I am starting to get bored over eating at high chair already.
At Ikea,

Teddy Bear chair... so comfy...

Mummy bought this chair for my reading corner in future...

A picture of me taken today... wearing sarong... oops nearly drop...

Boy Am I Growing!