Thursday, December 29, 2011

the other day at toyrus, I saw a rose. mummy asked me to give her.
I say no, this belongs to toyrus... haaa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yesterday was down with fever, guess it my flu. alittle bit from mei mei 's sickness too.

However I still help mummy carry the 5 kg Persil powder into the kitchen.

I also ate 2 slices of bread with a piece of Kraft cheese inside. I used to hate cheese but I ate all yesterday.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On Tuesday, kumon teacher remarked to mummy that I can be my own teacher, mark my own paper.

I also get to sit on the bigger table doing my maths.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kumon updates

Last Sat, I pass the second achievement test and now I doing addition (+4) and above.

Now I getting more confident too.

Daddy bought 2 cars for me as an encouragement.

Yesterday went to Ritz Calton and then to marina square for shopping. N happen to watch Chugginton show there. I love it but Gemma prefer Dora of cos.

In the lift

Day time view of the xmas tree in Ritz Calton...

another tree


There are many people so we directly watch from above.

I tried many diff pose with them

Which view is nicer ley?

n I also took a pic with the candy tree.

some interesting quotes/question from me

"I like orange but I don't like to eat orange" (I love the colour ;p)

"Mummy, what is a car transporter in chinese?"
Mummy: ask papa
"Papa, what is a car transporter in chinese?"
Papa: ar.... dunno
"papa, why you don't know? You taller. You're taller than mummy. You shld know..."

Mummy: ok later mummy bring my fren come my house...
Mummy: Auntie Bee Kee
"is she pretty?"
Mummy: Pretty? ok la
"then ok she can come..."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After kumon class, I came out and told mummy that I am going for the next achievement test this Sat. All of a sudden, I start asking mummy what is 4+10? she reply "14" then what abt "2+10?" Before mummy can say further, I reply "I know I know it is 12"

Mummy commented I am clever and since then I know how to add * + 10

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have started loving steam white egg and today I requested auntie to cook this dish for me again. actually it is steamed egg but I called it white egg.

Yesterday nite, mummy told me her fren is dropping by her house to see the study room system mind concept. I ask mummy what is her name.
Mummy: Bee Kee
I: is she pretty? (mummy mistook it as Pre Kee)
Mummy: no she is called BEE KEE
I: is she pretty??
Mummy: Oh pretty? ok la ;p
I: then ok she can come

yesterday nite mummy also received an sms from school that 3 students kenna chicken pox, 2 from Gem's class somemore. Mummy say cannot go school today as well. I told mummy I dun wanna eat chicken pox, damn funny, later mummy explain that that cannot be eaten. silly me...
sometime early this wk, 2 Gem classmates down with HFMD too so we not been attending school since Wed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interesting conversations

Papa drove wrong way... instead of ECP he went towards CTE

Mum remarked: oh ... Jasper, papa drove to wrong direction already... cannot go to east coast park liao"

I replied "nevermind can u-turn"


in the car...
Papa: wat car do u want to buy for me?
I: hyundai?
papa: ah?
I: kia?
papa: aiyo y all cheap cars?
I: then what do you want? or toyota?
(notice all r taxis models nowadays)
mummy: wat abt me?
I: I buy for u mercs
mummy: wow i so touched
just then a mercs taxi passed by
I: I buy for u this ok?
mummy speechless... haaa


another day, I was talking about buying mercedes for mum, mei mei said "I buy racing car for papa ok?" papa was so happy

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kumon Updates

Last Sat, my parents met my teacher about my progress at Kumon. So far, she is satisfied with my performance and expect that I can do it. However I must build up more confidence. N know wat? I be doing my first additions worksheet this coming Tuesday! very excited and looking forward. Daddy is also keen to enrol me for English next year. Well see how it goes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kumon Achievement Test

Last Fri nite, I was still worried and scared and shared my concerns with mummy that I can't do additions for my next Kumon lesson. Mummy also didn't know I am going to have a test to ascertain if i can go on to the next level. Mummy reassure me that she will let teachers know my fears. On Sat morn, I was still voicing concerns to my parents and they told me they will tell teachers.

Luckily teachers say i will need to take a test first and if I pass then I can go on to nxt level. and the teacher said she will guide me along. Finally it was over and I completed it successfully! which meant I will go on the next level, which might include addition.... mummy am proud of me and decided to buy me a scooter to encourage me! I was elated and played nearly the whole sat aftn!

btw, now my fav colours are not just red, but also pink!! which mummy and daddy say it too girly... but I like it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I now love to eat brocolli, carrot but i still do not like spinach.

I also eat bigger meat and love soups. recently I fall in love with scallop soup in Genting. For fruits, I still love apple, pear and honey dew.

interesting conversation with mummy 1 day...
while playing pregnant by putting our fav toys under our shirts...\
mummy say "last time you 2 are also in my tummy
I replied innocently "then I come out from your t-shirt too??"

another one...
mummy ask me why I ate my Chengting so long
I replied "you know it is v diff to eat?
mummy "why?"
I said "because i only want the soup and barley"
mummy "..."

Recently, the kumon teacher praised that I can do my worksheets in 6 min and thus will increase my worksheets. I even got many stars for my work. She even gave me a small present - an eraser.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It been a while since I last post as mummy is too busy to login for me...

Anyway cute updates...

cute conversations...
while in the car, I told daddy: papa your car looks like the one in front
papa: (look) wow you say my car like mercs? (impressed)
me: noooo you drive as slow as the car. like tortise!

Ok and just last nite, I was v v obedient... anyway I am guai by nature hehe
I came into room expecting mei mei to pass me iphone to play. Just then dad came in and ask the 2 of us to clear our toys first. Without thinking, I quickly ran out of room to clear my toys as well as mei mei ones. Mum ask mei mei to help me but she insisted to play games on phone. End up after I finished, mum gave the phone to me and after some time, mei mei tears came... mummy and daddy both told mei mei off...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last week was a terrible sick week for me. Was sent back on Mon noon by school as having a fever of 38 degrees...

later was diagnose to have ear infection and got to take antibio. Doc say I have sensitive nose too.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I suddenly had fever on Thur early morn (middle of Wed nite) and then vomitting follows... Diagnose to be stomach flu. No appetite to eat anything. Fever go up and down.

The other day I was just fine and still poke fun at mummy when mummy shouts for dad. I also help "Sebastian, Eunice is finding you!" haha

Hope I will recover soon and eat properly...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing class....

On 5 June, I went dancing trial class with mei mei. Mei mei attended earlier class which is ballet. It was for smaller kids. Mei mei didn't wanna go as you can see in the pic. She only warm up after the class! too bad!

When it was my turn (hip hop class), I gamely stood up and line behind the teacher. I was ready to follow the steps. Some of it I can follow but I am quite slow. But I must say it a good start!

The studio is at Bugis and thereafter we had a KFC lunch. After that, we wanted to go Tanglin mall but it was flooded! yes flooded... so we couldn't go in to collect the repaired cuckoo clock.

nevertheless since we are there, we head to Forum for some toys window shopping... Saw notice on Dora show and mei mei got excited. We waited in vain as the show was later cancelled. It might be due to the flood earlier as I notice the basement is abit wet.

Luckily for mei mei, b4 we left forum she saw ..... Dora and boots! walking towards her. She rushed towards them without looking back at us but backed out later and told mummy to follow her. Mummy quickly went queue for photo taking. We are the last few to be able to take the pics with them... so lucky... The dora pics are found in mei mei blog btw... of cos...

(above) waiting for Dora show earlier

(above) I like this mei mei pose

Our cheeky faces

My height at 5 June 11

Mei mei height at 5 June 11

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother day show in school... We perform for our mummies to see...

I made some cookies and a card for mummy... Happy Mother's Day!

This is a recycled toy house made by mummy, mei mei and I!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some interesting conversation I had with mum... I: I am going to the underwater world later! Mum: wow then you can see many fishes... I: Sharks! Mum: oh yes and ya, later you can see a man feeding the fishes inside the aquarium... I: There is a diver who will go inside... Mum: (thinking oops I use the word diver, better than herself...) Another incident I: (hand mum some toy coins) I give you some money. You can buy bread and other things... but later give me back the coins ok? mum: *faint...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hooked on TV ads...

Recently, I started singing "I coming back home to 5" and "double confirm" (the new game show). My mum are so amused by me...

Monday, March 7, 2011

I love playing football with my parents n mei mei. infact I played for a whole half hr w/o resting while the rest take alternate breaks. We played at a nearby football court last Sunday evening. Now my complexion is even darker...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I sang "twinkle twinkle little star" Indian version this morning to the surprise of mummy. But I didn't allowed her to record keke.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love to sing Chinese songs nowadays, and I learned many Chinese New Year songs for this festive season. I sang to my family as well as my parents frens.

I also greeted everyone Gong xi fai cai, nian nian you yu, especially after they give me hong bao. As I knew got $$ inside :)

This year I am more vocal in front of people, thanks to my speech and drama class in Cherie Hearts.

This year I also took up iBots class (something to do with Science and technology)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My gf? ney...

Yesterday morning, my fren Jodie greeted me at the carpark. Then at the staircase, she asked me to hold her hands which I did. Mummy later asked me which gal is it as she was not there this morning. I told her it's Jodie Loo. Then I told mummy she danced very well. Daddy asked if it my gf... Jodie or Jenelle?

Then I remarked Jenelle cos she very pretty... hahaha cos she tie 2 pig tails always.... Jodie only tie one....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fruits time

I am beginning to love to eat fruits like apple, banana, papaya, watermelon.... cos in school teachers call me to eat to be strong.

Boy Am I Growing!