Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Milestone achieved!

I finally know how to stand by myself without holding onto something. I place my hands onto floor and stand up slowly. I am so happy that I finally did it. Both mummy and daddy is very happy too....

I also can walk longer distance liao and finally have confidence to walk on tiles liao.

hopefully this wkend, I can walk by myself outside liao.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A recent photo of mine

Mummy just managed to upload a pic taken by my daddy using the new Sony SLR camera

She thinks it is rather cute so post it here...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

In the morning, my parents bring me to keppel island again...

some pictures at TCC:

hehe do I look busy looking at menu?

Noti daddy taking shots of me sleeping!!!

Later I went to Orchard road as mummy can make it since today she was not recall to go back to work after all...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today is my trial class at Gymboree at harbourfront. This was my second gym lesson.

At first, I was also shy and keep clinging onto my parents. but after a while I get used to it and start "walking" and crawling around...

The lesson was good and we get to go through tunnels, play "see-saw" and sit on a "bus" together...

45 min went off quickly but some of my frens n I still did not get enough until the teachers came n tell us it end of lesson liao... hehe

After that, my parents had their lunch at sakae sushi. I get to eat mummy chicken don... I also eat the fried tofu... yummy...
Photos at gym:

Do I look shy?

Me throwing the ball into the basket when I on the bridge:

The BIG see-saw: Me and Julian

Get ready to push!
I wanna play soccer!

Mummy, u sure I be safe crawling pass this?

Me getting the ball through the tunnel....

Tempting me with the ball again ah...

Me climbing up...

Me trying to climb down the slide...

What m I doing with Ryan?

So teacher is blowing a bubble just for me... hmmm....

hehe i burst it before it burst on my face!

Oh dear me stuck in the centre... let me try to flatten the wave!

Time to follow teacher instructions... must be guai guai...

See I so happy until I forgot it end of lesson liao.... ;p

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I ate my first chocolate bar (mini one) today.... yum yum...

Friday, April 11, 2008

I finally took my photo shoots! mama and papa got hard time making me laugh... My photographer is David. I like the guy and I actually let him carry.

Today my parents took leave so they bring me out after the shoot. We went to two warehouse sale. One is Charles and keith sale which mummy couldn't really find any cheap shoes she like but in the end she bought one. Another is a toy sale. Both is in the east so it on the way. There, my parents bought me a play set where i can assembled a truck. think i would wait for at least 1 yr before i can play! hehe...

they bought floats for me n mei mei too cos very cheap only...

Dinner time we went Anchorpoint. I had some of mummy food cos my food not enough... hehe

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This week, I explore more things which make the adults happy.

I now able to point at papa and say "pa" or "pa pa" which make daddy very happy. previously i able to say pa but not to him... hehe

I able to imitate the adults by putting phone or any other things i can grab to my ear and say "wei" hehe sometimes the adults play along with me too...

I also finally able to feed myself biscuits. previously I throw away the food. but now mummy worry that I might eat other non-food now!

I can now actually stand when I want to... when I stand, I don't stand for long... I will try to walk too to my relief of my mum... why? cos my mum thought my legs got problem. but I took the steps with no problem but of cos, only a few steps provided got one adult each at both ends ;p

I prob scare of falling down but I show to mama that I can actually walk if I want.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My third trial class at GUG

I went for my trial class this afternoon. I was happy at the beginning and towards the second part very cranky and cried...

Basically the lesson consist of story telling, engaging activities with trainers, flash cards, exploring things like catching fish using net and learning words like noodles and net.

There is also a kindermusic part which we walk around and our parents also raise us up and down.

also got music equipment to play. Overall the class was enjoyable but I dunno why I was so cranky.

After lesson, I got to drink my milk and then we walked around united square happily.

mummy and daddy also came upon a shop which can make customised chops that contained my umbilical cord. They will prob make it together with my mei mei one.

Nite time we went to woodlands - causeway point.

There were many people. We went to the library where I am more interested to "tidied" up the shelves than to read the book.

I was v sticky, keep wanting to be carried.

We had dinner at swensons later as mummy wants to eat ice cream (she gave me some)
However my parents are disappointed at the food cos not so nice. Ice cream also melting when it came.

I was noti and didn't want to eat my dinner too. but later the end, I was given a bowl and spoon to play with and I played quietly - to my parents relief.

I also played with mummy happily and pass mummy a french fries from my bowl... I didn't eat though cos mummy say v salty.

I cried a few times at the shopping mall and there was a jie jie (about maybe 2 yr plus?) come and comfort me. she hug me and shake my hands. I also wave goodbye to her and her family.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This morning mummy went for ultra scan again at gynae clinic....

yes I be having a mei mei more or less...

mummy say mei mei legs are very stretched out during the scan... not sure what she is doing at the time? mummy say my legs were bended last time during scan.

After lunch, mummy and daddy took me to karaoke! haha it was my first time. In fact, I was sleeping when I reach there but awoke when I went into the room.

I was amazed by the lights and I see the adults singing. I even tried to speak into the mike though got times when I actually mistook it as ice cream cone!

I was given my snack to eat and milk to drink too.

I slept again during the later part of the karaoke. By the time I woke up, it was 7 p.m already and it was already dinner time. Mummy was worried if I could sleep later since I sleep for quite awhile. Think the room with the air-con too su fu for me liao.

We actually wanted to go to Central to mum mum but the car park was full. So my parents and their frens decided to go clarke quay to eat.

We had dinner at riverside restaurant. I was v hungry by now and eat my porridge very quickly.

Thereafter, still hungry, I ate some rice and had some biscuits too.

actually my porridge was alot liao. prob I was hungry.

I walked along the river and saw a few toddlers and children playing. I was very excited and walked to them too but they run away... hehe

I did alot of walking (of cos with my parent holding my hand). By the time on the way home, I slept in the car... too tired... but I enjoyed my outing with my parents and their frens.

Boy Am I Growing!