Saturday, May 31, 2008

I now know how to diff bet gate and door. I can say gate liao when I come across one.

I can say "oval" too but not v clear.

Today I have been noti, in fact these few days I have been cranky even at middle of nites. I wonder m I getting jealous of mei mei liao?

I pass by demo educational computers at Tiong Bahru Plaza and wanted to play. However I click anyhow and cause the software to close. Mummy and pan pan auntie had to bring me along which cause me to cry uncontrollingly... but mummy told me it is not right to spoilt ple computers.

Later in the evening, my parents brought me to Ikea. I wanted to play the game room but I am too short ;p

My parents bought me a kid table and few chairs. In future, me n mei mei can share the table and chairs. cos I am starting to get bored over eating at high chair already.
At Ikea,

Teddy Bear chair... so comfy...

Mummy bought this chair for my reading corner in future...

A picture of me taken today... wearing sarong... oops nearly drop...

Friday, May 30, 2008

This week, daddy goes to Bangkok on business trip. On Monday, I send him off early in the morning. We waited for taxi. I was looking out for one too myself and keep repeating taxi for every taxi that drove past. I even learn how to put my hand out to wave for one. ;p clever rgt?

In the end, daddy called a taxi company to book as there were no available ones. By the time we reach airport, it was still early and we waited for daddy to check in his luggages. After that, we went macdonalds to eat breakfast. By the time daddy went into customs, I waved goodbye at first but later actually wanted to go into the custom with him but I have no ticket. I wish I could follow...

Nevertheless I got to see aeroplanes at the viewing gallery and spend half a day there walking around all the terminals.

After airport trip, we went Ah ma house to play. But mummy is tired and so take a nap while I play with my biao ger (cousin)

Photos taken at Ah ma house... me playing the piano...

Can I step on the pedal? hehe actually there isn't any.
I may look pro... but frankly I dun know what I doing...

Let me change tempo... hmm what is biao ger (elder cousin) doing...

Biao ger wan to teach me...

Tuesday Ah Ma and Nah Nah came to visit me at my home.

Wed nite my daddy came back at last... His flight was nite time around 10.30. By right, it should my sleeping time, but I still went to the airport to receive daddy! By the time I reach terminal 3, I was well aslept. However when he stepped out, I woke up and daddy carried me.

Heard that daddy bought many things for me, mei mei and mummy... esp clothings. He also buy a go kart for me. It is a yellow one.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Vesak Day!

I went to 3 temples today to pray. Mummy and daddy bought me lotus flower candles and joss sticks for me to pray. Hope I can be guai guai, clever, and happy and most importantly healthy...

We had lunch at Swensons where I learn to drink from a adult mug. I hold the handle like an adult and drink the water. However mummy scare i drop the cup and so she help me to support the cup while I am drinking.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I can say ball now... I also like to kick the ball.

I fell down on my head two times this wkend... not that I was walking ;p

I fell down while I was crawling or sitting... guess after I start walking, my hands are weak liao...

By the way, I am exact 15 months now! I am also getting more skilled in my walking.

This morning, after having breakfast at Macs, we went to take a walk at the newly open bridge at Alexandra... We walked from Alexandra bridge to somewhere near Henderson Waves... mummy is tired and so we went down the hill and then ate at Ya Kun at Safra Mount Faber.

Photo below: I so tired...

I sat happily on the sofa and see the cars and taxi driving pass.

We later went Vivo City to do some shopping. Daddy bought me my first crocs shoes.

Mummy bought me my toothpaste and toothbrush so that I can start brushing my teeth at nite after milk feed...

We also went Daiso and I was so busy helping to arrange the items that my family thot I am a worker there ;p

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Early in the morning, I wanted mummy to recite the san zi jin (is tat the spelling?) to me and I love the rhythm and also try to recite though the words came out v blur... ;p

mummy could feel I was reciting and was amused by it.

Yes now I can finally walk and stand. yes I learn how to stand and then walk without aided all at the same time. Guess I now have more confidence. If I fall, I will get up myself and then walk again.... v happy that I finally have the courage...

An earlier video clip taken this week

This week I also learn many new words in the sense that I could speak and point at the object liao, be it in a flash card or the real objects... very happy at my achievements so far...

New words spoken:
1) Door (gate I also say as door)
2) Close
3) Pear
4) Flower (I still mistake plant and tree as flower.... but this morning, I point to a tree and say "plant" but mama say it a tree... hehe)
5) Clock (I still mistake watch as clock... why so many diff words for same thing it seems? Both tell time wat...)
6) Chicken
7) Rabbit (I pronounce this by "rat" hahaha)
8) Banana (I pronounce this as "nana")
9) Egg
10) grass (probably this is an earlier word I learn)
11) bear
12) dog
13) frog
14) sun
15) thunder (probably this is an earlier word I learn)
16) head
17) hair
18) leg
19) card
20) milk (I pronounce this as "malt" or "mug")
21) peanut
22) Bread
23) chair

btw, today is mother's day! Happy mother day to all including my dearest mummy!

I got to eat her mango cake... yummy... eating it now... bye bye...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today mummy working but we went out for dinner after she knocked off from work.

Since the whole day I was at home, so they brought me out for dinner. We went to Great World City and headed to the food court. There was a kidz corner there to my lovely surprise. Actually daddy knew about it and was to check it out. There were several kid table and chairs, all from Ikea, and there was two rockers there too, also from Ikea. I sat down at one of the kid table to makan my food. No more bb chair! hurray. I sat down without complaints.

Then the adults ate their food at the bigger table.

Later, there was a little girl (abt 5yrs old) later share table with me. I behaved myself and just played with my mug while the adults eat. After my daddy has eaten, I roam around the corner with him. I walked happily, playing with the chairs and tables. That time was not very crowded already as it was almost 9 p.m.

Daddy also let me sit on the rocker. Then the little girl also wants to play with me. I am very happy and smile at her. Later I wave goodbye to her and her mummy.

Above: rocker looks familar right?

After that, we went to supermarket and I got to touch and learn more fruits... I just love touching them and learning the words...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Last nite, there was lightning and thunder. I was suddenly woken up by it and then I panick and standup and try to wake mummy up. Mummy woke up finally to see me standing on my playpen. I try to say "thunder" many times hoping she would understand. Luckily she understand it was "thunder" as she heard "der der" hehe

She pick me up and then I slept together with my parents till early morning then I was transported back to my playpen. Of cos, the rain stops liao...

Some happy smiley pictures taken this week...

Boy Am I Growing!