Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After kumon class, I came out and told mummy that I am going for the next achievement test this Sat. All of a sudden, I start asking mummy what is 4+10? she reply "14" then what abt "2+10?" Before mummy can say further, I reply "I know I know it is 12"

Mummy commented I am clever and since then I know how to add * + 10

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have started loving steam white egg and today I requested auntie to cook this dish for me again. actually it is steamed egg but I called it white egg.

Yesterday nite, mummy told me her fren is dropping by her house to see the study room system mind concept. I ask mummy what is her name.
Mummy: Bee Kee
I: is she pretty? (mummy mistook it as Pre Kee)
Mummy: no she is called BEE KEE
I: is she pretty??
Mummy: Oh pretty? ok la ;p
I: then ok she can come

yesterday nite mummy also received an sms from school that 3 students kenna chicken pox, 2 from Gem's class somemore. Mummy say cannot go school today as well. I told mummy I dun wanna eat chicken pox, damn funny, later mummy explain that that cannot be eaten. silly me...
sometime early this wk, 2 Gem classmates down with HFMD too so we not been attending school since Wed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interesting conversations

Papa drove wrong way... instead of ECP he went towards CTE

Mum remarked: oh ... Jasper, papa drove to wrong direction already... cannot go to east coast park liao"

I replied "nevermind can u-turn"


in the car...
Papa: wat car do u want to buy for me?
I: hyundai?
papa: ah?
I: kia?
papa: aiyo y all cheap cars?
I: then what do you want? or toyota?
(notice all r taxis models nowadays)
mummy: wat abt me?
I: I buy for u mercs
mummy: wow i so touched
just then a mercs taxi passed by
I: I buy for u this ok?
mummy speechless... haaa


another day, I was talking about buying mercedes for mum, mei mei said "I buy racing car for papa ok?" papa was so happy

Boy Am I Growing!