Friday, June 22, 2007

Last nite I flip in front of my parents for the first time. I have been flipping over onto my tummy for quite some time but my parents only heard it from pan pan auntie. I decided to demo to them what I did last nite. And I also managed to raise my head up while on my tummy. I am a happy bb.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My 4 mth celebration

Today is a bright sunny day and it is going to be my 4 mth old celebration. I am so excited today that I couldn't even nap the whole morning! was waiting n waiting for the food, biscuits...

It is a monday and my mum took leave to celebrate for me. My dad has to work as he just started a new job. Early morn, went to the market to buy some more food stuff like my chicken drumsticks and stuff to cook for my mee sua.

then we waited for my ah ma, yi ma, my cousin Deon to come.

Ah ma later came and then feed me with the mee sua (inside got minced pork, prawn, tofu, egg...) I sat on my bumbo n she try to feed me... haha but I dun know how to eat yet. Nevertheless, i touch it with my lips.

I heard from mummy tat this ceremony is like saying I have grown up somehow...

Then next came the string of bb biscuits and I wore it like a necklace. it really is heavy... so many biscuits. I get to taste them on my lips as well. Mummy helped me.

Heard it symbolise bb will have things to eat in his own life. It is a hokkein tradition. Also heard that this is to prevent me from salivating later... which I dun know... not yet grow teeth yet. Anyway, I gamely join in.

Then Ah Ma gave me drumsticks to eat... mummy bought both roasted and white chicken for me so I get to taste both! it is strange taste but I try... below is pic with my ah ma (extreme right)

Then Yi Ma finally came and all of us sat at the dining table n sing me a song and I got to cut a cake.

I am so full today. Then Ah Ma brought me to IMM next and we went shopping. She bought me a toy there (Ferris Wheel can move 1)(see below), love the toy as there were many lights and there was music.

I am so happy today, was treated so much food and also got present.

can't wait to show my pictures taken today to daddy...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My blur mummy finally realised that she was keeping an air mattress playmat in the storerm all the long. It had the character "Miffy" the rabbit on it. Very cute. They bought from Europe trip the other time in April 06. Think it from belgium. They hesistated at first whether to buy it as they have not conceived me yet at tat time but finally decided to buy and think if got own child nxt time, can use (Yippee!) if not, give ple liao. I'm so lucky.

Daddy was excited and helped me blow up the mattress so that I can use.

This is what I did when I finally saw the end product!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I am trying my new bumbo seat given by my ah ma. See how I explore.

R u looking at me? I told mummy who is watching... haha

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good morn!

Wakey Wakey...

I nearly miss going downstairs with my daddy n mummy and sending them off to work... make myself wake up just in time before they went out! haha

now I can go back to sleep... zzzz

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I managed to flip over successfully 2x yesterday... still trying to keep my head up. can't wait till Friday when daddy and mummy bring me out!

tomorrow is my chinese 4 mth... :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tell you all a secret... I have decided to flip myself on the mattress... no one saw me doing it...

pan pan auntie (our maid) came in and realised and pick me up as I struggle face down... haha

today I am so happy, Ah ma came over to visit me and gave me a bumbo seat as a present. I love sitting in my yellow bumbo seat. I feel so like an adult, able to sit on my own. Too bad no photos taken as my parents were still not back from work yet.

I was having a tummy ache earlier at abt 6 p.m after my ah ma left the house. I poo poo alot. luckily not on my new bumbo seat!

Me now waiting for my mummy daddy to come back to work and play with me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I really love wkends

This morning I woke up very early and feel hungry. My mummy already woke up and was preparing my stuff to bring out. Wonder where they are bringing me to as I seen my daddy getting ready the new pram. I drank my mummy expressed milk, I guess they want to save time so that they can bring me out earlier... hehe.

Out we go and heard them saying "bishan park". I love parks. When I reach there, the weather was rather cool as there were many trees there so have the shade.

There were many babies like me there... I see until I feel sleepy and slept a while until my mummy woke me up. I saw a cute mascot and I took photo with him. I was trying to open my eyes but I still blur after my sleep.

I realised the event was a paw walk organised by Wyeth. I finished the walk (hehe actually I play cheat, I sit in the pram lar) and was given a certificate. It was my first and hopefully my mummy can laminate it for me... so proud of myself.

After the event, we went to a nearby AMK hawker centre. I was staring at the adults's food... too bad I still too young to eat.

Thereafter we went to suntec city. We waited so long for a parking space and finally spotted 1.
I sat in my pram again and I love viewing people from there. feel so comfortable in it too...

My parents decided to go marina square first and then back to suntec to do more shopping.

At marina square, my mum went to buy the bb biscuits which she want to use on my 4 mth celebration on 18 this month. We went to John Little too and was disappointed to find that they don't sell bumbo seat there... Nevertheless, we enjoy the shopping as you can see in below pictures. See me in the red beach hat... hahaha

We later did pop over to specialist centre and found that only 1 bumbo seat left and it was aqua colour. nevertheless I try sitting down and I feel so happy! hehe I took a photo too... My parents decided to ask the sales girl to try to get yellow colour. She can only get back to us tomorrow...

Dinner was at Bukit Timah... haha me very happening hor.... my parents ate roti prata and I was really drooling... that all guys...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today is a tired day... just came back from dinner with all my grandparents... we went bottle tree village

This is a picture taken before I went out. This is my friend ducky...

Boy Am I Growing!