Monday, October 17, 2011

Kumon Updates

Last Sat, my parents met my teacher about my progress at Kumon. So far, she is satisfied with my performance and expect that I can do it. However I must build up more confidence. N know wat? I be doing my first additions worksheet this coming Tuesday! very excited and looking forward. Daddy is also keen to enrol me for English next year. Well see how it goes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kumon Achievement Test

Last Fri nite, I was still worried and scared and shared my concerns with mummy that I can't do additions for my next Kumon lesson. Mummy also didn't know I am going to have a test to ascertain if i can go on to the next level. Mummy reassure me that she will let teachers know my fears. On Sat morn, I was still voicing concerns to my parents and they told me they will tell teachers.

Luckily teachers say i will need to take a test first and if I pass then I can go on to nxt level. and the teacher said she will guide me along. Finally it was over and I completed it successfully! which meant I will go on the next level, which might include addition.... mummy am proud of me and decided to buy me a scooter to encourage me! I was elated and played nearly the whole sat aftn!

btw, now my fav colours are not just red, but also pink!! which mummy and daddy say it too girly... but I like it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I now love to eat brocolli, carrot but i still do not like spinach.

I also eat bigger meat and love soups. recently I fall in love with scallop soup in Genting. For fruits, I still love apple, pear and honey dew.

interesting conversation with mummy 1 day...
while playing pregnant by putting our fav toys under our shirts...\
mummy say "last time you 2 are also in my tummy
I replied innocently "then I come out from your t-shirt too??"

another one...
mummy ask me why I ate my Chengting so long
I replied "you know it is v diff to eat?
mummy "why?"
I said "because i only want the soup and barley"
mummy "..."

Recently, the kumon teacher praised that I can do my worksheets in 6 min and thus will increase my worksheets. I even got many stars for my work. She even gave me a small present - an eraser.

Boy Am I Growing!