Sunday, December 30, 2007

This morning, I try Macs hotcakes and papaya...

Especially love the hot cakes... yummy...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I spend some time opening up my presents this morning and I just love the toys... I had a handphone and some lego and cars from my parents and pan pan auntie. I also got new clothings from Ah Ma and Ku Gong. I also got a pig soft toy from HK bought by my Yi Ma.

Then we went to west cost park to eat breakfast. I had pumpkin with pasta.

There were many activities in the park and I sat on the swing with my parents.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Mount Faber as the weather was good, and also daddy say it might not be so crowded like in the night as there is snow performance.

However, there is alot of people and cars already when we reach. Nevertheless, we are lucky to find a parking lot so we could walk walk around there and see what Jewel box has to offer.

Initially wanted to eat there but decided not to cos there is no non-smoking area. Then we went to the other cafe to eat. I was fascinated by the christmas tree there and also look around. I ate some biscuits there too while the adults order sandwiches and pasta.

After eating, as we scroll back to our car, we took pictures.

After Mount Faber, we went to Ikea and Archorpoint. Surprisingly, Ikea was not so crowded so mummy and daddy got their way as they didn't wan to go to a crowded place.

Archorpoint has really change alot. At first mummy say can just look look around and then quickly go home for my dinner. However when we reach there, the first thing we saw is a disney theme cafe and the chair has mickey mouse shape on it. So my parents decided that I eat my dinner there. I had porridge with silver fish, potato, carrot and pork. The waitress say actually the child must pay for this cafe but as I am still small and never eat their stuff, she say it is free. keke. The adults had drinks only as they are still very full. There was a large TV screen there playing High School Musical movie. When the music starts, I can't help but watch the screen in awe.

There were many new shops there. I must say the centre has improved and hope the not yet open stores hold more happy surprises.

Now back home sleeping... had to eat my medicine later too as I had cough

P.S: I started blowing bubbles again.... hehe I didn't eat any chewing gum :p

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas and "Papa"

hello.... Merry xmas to all of you.

Later picking up my mum at Bugis... of cos not I drive, it will be daddy. Tonight we will have a bbq dinner at my Yi Ma house. Looking forward to meet everyone and have a nice party.

Just now my daddy seems to hear me saying papa.... in fact a few times....

Anyway, this is a photo taken at Yi Ma house... Do I look cute wearing this xmas tree head band?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Someone took a photo while I sleeping!!! see my nice pose...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today, we have a xmas gathering with Feb bbs and their families.

We had a fun time but mummy say I am very stubborn tat day. She hope I can share and play with other bbs one day.
Julian: Who is this bb smiling?

I am waiting for auntie to give me a "star"

Let me check the ingredients.... oops am I reading upside down?

Me so engrossed with the presents

Ryan: Hey isn't this my present you playing with? Noti me touching.

Ryan: Since I can't take back, I take the other... keke
Julian: hmmm
Ryan: hmmm why all the adults taking photos of us ah?
haha Me still do not want to let go...
Me at Swensons eating dinner.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hehe mummy is shocked when she notice that I can dance to the tune of the mcqueen car music. I can shake my head (no I not taking drugs :p) and also move my bottom... rather flexible. keke

I am now exactly 10 months old! Another 2 months to my birthday celebration!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"There" or "Dad"

I have been trying to say another new word this week... I keep saying "there" and mummy trying to let me say "mama" and "papa"

Now mummy is confused as she seems to hear me call "dad" or "daddy" as I keep repeating.


Monday, December 10, 2007

I can now wink at people and that seems to make my family so happy and joyful.

However I can be a terror too. I just love pulling my mama's hair and hearing her scream out "pain!"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I was just told that I am the standby for the casting... not bad lar... runner up... hehe

The TVC and photoshoot will be in Jan. Can't wait to that day to see all the actions!
Since last wkend, I can make the same smacking sound as the adults with my tongue

Monday, December 3, 2007


It's been a rather nice wkend...

Last sat, I went to labador park for a walk along the sea and get to eat my gerber stars again... daddy is working and so didn't join us.

Then nai nai came to visit me at my house and then we went to pick daddy from office. Nai nai took us to clementi woods sakura to have our dinner. I was fascinated at the xmas decor.

Photo: I wearing a frog romper... cute??

Sun we went to the Tiong bahru market and we saw some media corp stars hosting some tv show. think it is the battle between two groups to sell coffee and drinks. The hawker centre is very crowded at that time.

We later went Bugis to pray and then daddy and mummy took me to see my bd venue - Aloha Loyang. It turns out to be better than expected and mummy feel a sense of satifaction. Daddy say the parking space seem to be more for us as it is the corner and last unit so seem to be blessing in disguise. but then daddy also say he needs to know who to invite and hope no overcrowding of cars though there seems to be more space. We also walked along the beach and took some photos.

Shy mummy and daddy block their faces ;p

Dinner time we went to Ah Ma's house to eat. Ah Ma cook our fav dishes.

p.s: last sat and sun, we also went around to see my bd cakes though it is still not finalised as it is still early. but we need to order before CNY as there will be a holiday and the bakery need time for the order.

Do I look like a fireman??

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I can now hold items using my thumb and index finger. Mummy say that is picking up things. I also can blow bubbles hahahaha.... i was drooling alot these days, think another teeth is coming out. so nothing better to do, I start blowing bubbles to the amazement of the adults!

Boy Am I Growing!