Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last sunday mummy brought us to Toyrus as promised.... It was already late by the time we left house as I was taking my nap...

As mummy was rushing to watch the STAR awards, after Toyrus (vivo) she started walking towards the lift (one besides Toyrus), I ask her why she walking that direction...

mummy: go buy food (she actually wanted to go home watch star awards... i knoe... hehe)
me: heh? why you go toilet buy food?
mummy laugh n say: no lar , i walking towards lift, then go buy food then go home lor...

haaa see wan to bluff me... hahaha but anyway I enjoy my time at Toyrus... thxs mummy!

I also got hair cut there n auntie gel my hair like a super star... hahaha mummy, I am a star liao y u still wanna watch some more? ;p


didn't expect moi to be so fast detected of it since I started school in mid March...

yes, ytd teacher found ulcer in my mouth n sen dme back home to rest. This is for precaution as this week got 2 cases of HFMD in k1 so school not taking chances.

so I get to rest these 2 days.... be back at school tomolo hopefully...

mummy check my hands and feet and no rashes n I no fever so guess not so "lucky"??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New haircut for me! (style w gel somemore)

Ok I promise mummy i be good and so she will bring me to vivo Toyrus. But mummy also say on condition I cut my hair too! n i agree of cos... but also on condition auntie (the boss) cut my hair... :)

Before cut, a worried look on my face... how it goin to turn out... hmmm

Auntie ask if I wanna style my hair w gel... she gave me some boy pics and I saw v handsome so I nod my

I looked stylo but y my hair so hard suddenly?

Do I look like a bad boy? Me trying to act act keke

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our first attempt at making cookies

Mummy took half day yesterday to bring me n mei mei see doc. She picked me up earlier after my nap time.

Then after that, we went back home and I tell mummy that I wanted to make cookies. Mummy told me lets make and to my excitement, she get ready all the stuff

We 3 then take turns to add the ingredients and mix well. Then we make the dough soft and sticky together.

Then mummy ask us to help by putting the smaller dough onto individual paper "cups". Then mummy help to put into the oven and we waited 10 min... n nice smelling aroma came nxt... yummy.. there r choc chips on it.

I ate a few and of cos rem to drink water after that...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mummy n daddy scold me alot this week for being


I also dun knoe what happen to me, maybe I just wanna get their attention... mummy wants to find out how I fare in school.

she been worried too cos I really behave v badly, bully mei mei till she cry, push her purposely, give her stuff she do not want...

Yesterday middle of nite, I woke mummy up too as I wanted to take my panda under the bed... I whine n fail to tell mummy and cause mummy frustration... She couldn't sleep after tat :(

n mummy dun allow me to anyhow take tissue liao. It either tissue or mummy... I chose mummy la...

But I know mummy still love me cos each time I ack my mistakes, she will give me a hug...

P.S I always tell mummy mei mei is noti too! I know mummy will scold her if she make mistakes too but somehow I also wan her to be punish ;p

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday I told mummy what happen in class...

"mummy, ** (name) run away, run and teacher scold him"
"I take away the vegetable and meat, I dun wan to eat..."
"Teacher help me cut the paper and I paste on the basket"
"Teacher read story books to us"
"Teacher feed ** (name) "

I also demonstrate how teacher tell me whenever auntie come to pick me... mummy laugh...

She always say "Jasper u going back now, take your bag"... hehe

Yesterday I complain to mummy my legs are tired after all the walking around the house... keke

I also sang song that I learn yesterday. The apple song... give two away and I have none... haa
wanted mummy to film video via iphone and I see.

I also tell mummy my chinese name and also point to various parts of my body in chinese. Mummy looks happy as I have never really done this before. I normally say English .... hehe

Monday, April 5, 2010

The complain king

I have also become a complain king. If mummy or someone is late, I would ask "why are you late ah?" haaa

just the other day, on Good friday, mummy said she wanna bring us out. She brought us to her fren house for mini gathering and then to the khatib bottle tree park for another fren gathering. She said we r lucky that it didn't rain... when I reached home, I told maid I never go shopping today n told her where we went... hahahah mummy was scare of me n so nxt 2 days brought us shopping...

The little helper...

I have become the little helper at home esp to mei mei. I help her wear her shoes and take her pacifier when she needs it. I start to enjoy doing things myself and mummy praise me alot.

I have adapted quite well in school noe, can wave goodbye to auntie and bring in my own school bag to class. hope mei mei will join me in school soon...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boy Am I Growing!