Sunday, November 16, 2008

see how I chop vegi...

yesterday at Kranji resort .... more details in my mei mei blog

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I now know how to sing the ABC song. whenever mummy say ABC...F, pause... I say G

then mummy continue HIJK...NO the i say P.... hehe this continue after the song finish.

I also can sing along the twinke little stars song too.

Today we went to mummy fren's bb full month at Changi chalet. I played with gor gor Ace and xavier and some jie jies. Play with balloons.... It was fun. I also get to see the small di di who I sayang him. Mei Mei also follows but she sleep in the pram while I play.

Will update photos.

btw, I find mei mei so cute, can't help to laugh when I play infront of her. cos whenver I play, she laughs at me. so cute....

I license to go overseas liao!!! Wait for me aeroplane!

Last Sat, I finally receive my passport. Got to wait for the long long queue... almost waited for more than an hour. Mummy say she is bringing us to HK next Feb to meet her frens. Mei mei will not be joining as mummy think she still abit small and prefer to stay home. so mummy got to work hard now to build her her milk reserve... jia you!

Mummy say when mei mei grows bigger, she will also have her own passport and then all 4 of us will go another trip again. Hopefully, I enjoy the plane flight...

Boy Am I Growing!