Friday, November 30, 2007

Today mummy brought me to Macdonalds west coast agin after fetching daddy to office.

There, I ate my bread and Gerber stars... this time the flavour is strawberry apple... yummy...
Me sneaking a peek to see the lcd tv on top of mummy's head.

Me kpo kia

I was very lucky - there was one nice uncle who sat beside our table who later gave me the bee toy (from the movie the bee movie). I also keep smiling at a young man and woman sitting at the table on the right.

After breakfast, we went to play at the playground.

Now I am at home playing....

See I trying to stand...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I can now use one hand to hold onto playpen and then the other hand free such that I am walking along the side (i.e my body perpendicular to the side)... hopefully soon I can really remove both hands and stand strongly

Below are few photos of me wearing the traditional hat and costume... looks so funny.... and also my new bb float which I haven't use yet.

See I can stand on my buggy as it move!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First Casting For Superstar *blush

Hi! I am back from my casting. It is for a milk ad and the audition/casting is done at Henderson Road. It is very near my home and so mummy decide to give it a try, considering they are also looking for a boy.

When I reach there, we need to fill in a form where mummy write down my particulars.

Then when we went into this studio, I saw bright lights and a lady who smile at me. The lady turned out to be my photographer.

She asked me to take my name board and shot a few shots of me holding onto the board. Then after more shots followed and I was beginning to crawl too. Later I also did some crawling from one end to another, with mummy cheering me on.

Then I sit down and drink from my milk bottle. The lady also took photos of me holding onto the milk bottle. I was gungho, I use one hand to hold the bottle onli. Then mummy did a small intro about me while the lady take a video of me.

They will trying to catch my attention sometimes but when they say "stars" I couldn't help but look up onto the ceiling...

After casting, grandma (yes she came to support me for the casting) brought us to IMM for shopping and eating.

Me with mickey mouse car car!

Can I put $ in mummy?

After waiting for half hour for Da Yi to come, I was getting real hungry and started to complain and so they brought me to baystreet to have my dinner. My dinner was porridge with green pea and pumpkin. I keep chasing pan pan auntie to quickly serve me dinner. I was making alot of noise which amuse the waitress.

Some photos: (on the right: Am I pointing?)

Finally I got my dinner and was very contented and then it was time for the adults to have dinner. Deon, my cousin was misbehaving and Da Yi keep comparing me with him and tell Deon that he shld be like me, so guai sit on the high chair and never move to other table... hehe think she forgot I still can't walk mah .... oops! but it is nice to be commented to be a good and behaved bb.

Photo: me playing with the tray! eh... so am i still a gd boi?

then Da Yi got some toys for Deon from a kids store nearby. I also wan and when Deon took away, I cry terribly and so mummy brought me to the same kids store and look around to see what is more suitable for me.... in the end, mummy bought a shape sorter and a beach winnie the pooh ball for me.... mummy told me to wipe my tears and tell me cannot fight over toys....

I have an enjoyable day today and hope everyday is as exciting as today. :)
I can now get/ stand up from sleeping or sitting position when I am in play pen very easily. I think I did it for few days already but mummy saw me doing it only this morning.

I can also move my standing position as I hold onto the sides. haha like that also feel like already walking, dun you think??

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I like playing with my parent's bedsheet!

Monday, November 26, 2007


This wkend, I keep saying "star" "mum mum" which makes mummy so proud of me.... :) I have to keep working hard so that I know more words.

I also try waving but it looks more like dancing of the wrists.... ;p

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This morning, we have breakfast at Macdonalds.

After that, we walked around west coast park and along the coast...

Today we went Balestier to eat chicken rice too. Pan pan auntie is on off today and so mummy and daddy spend time together with me.

After that, we still go GWC to shop shop and then we go back home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This is me practising how to hold the bottle properly when sitting upright

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mummy say I clever... I can do gong xi gong xi when she asks me too...

I did it 3 times and she say must buy 4-D liao.

actually I dun really know if I understand :p

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here me happily tearing paper!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yippeee.... mummy is on leave today. She brought me to west coast park to play the playground there, swing and also go Macdonalds to eat breakfast. I hope to be able to eat their hot cakes very soon...

"mirror mirror on the wall"??? haha nope can't see any reflection...

Nah Nah u cannot take away from me...

Have u seen such a BIG mouth?

Me trying to fan myself...

The swing and I

This is me sitting on a moveable piece of wood whereby at one end of this equipment, you need to turn so that this piece will be able to move from left to right...

After lunch, mummy bring me to sit bus and MRT to Changi airport to visit the new Terminal 3.
I was very quiet on the bus but not so on the MRT as I am very amazed by the surroundings and I want to hop!

The new terminal 3 is very very big.

I start to feel hungry and so mummy feed me milk when we are at the gate area. This is the area whereby you wait to board the plane... Feel like flying.

Though I slept for a while, I still manage to capture most of the moments inside the restricted area. Next time, i hope to be traveling... get my hints, daddy and mummy?

We stay there almost till 5 p.m and mummy say better catch the train back before the office peak hour. Just as we are departing from the arrival hall area, someone stop us and ask if they could interview me!

We found out that they are doing a video for the opening ceremony next year and so need to survey my mummy on video. My mummy agree and I tag along.

It was my second time on video and I did smile a few times while mummy was talking to the interviewer.... hehehe... some times I might be shy and will look at the greenery and water fall features near the luggage belt section.

My dinner today is baby sweet vegetables with cereal... :) It is a big serving but I manage to finish it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

After trip to market and breakfast at Long John's, mummy finally pack my bag to swimming pool!

Today is my exact 9 months and mummy wants to make it a special day for me. Daddy is finally home too! He says he doesn't need to work today as they have clear sat work. I am so lucky.

So daddy and mummy bring me together to swim. When we reach carpark, I was dozing off. Once we reach the swimming complex, mummy change my clothes to swimming attire. I woke up and see around.

The first steps into the pool was funny and exciting. After a while, I warm up and starts splashing the water around me with my hands and legs! I think I am a pro! Mummy brought my ducky to swim with me... too bad my float is not ready but I guess there will be a second time and third and so forth!

Nite time had dinner with Nai Nai (paternal grandma). She played with me. I was shocked later by the sudden clangs and shouting from the staff. I cried. Mummy and pan pan auntie carried me out of the restaurant. Later I realised it was someone birthday and they are cheering and singing the song. I managed to calm down.

Overall, I still enjoyed the trip to Velocity shopping mall. Got to see and take photos with the chirstmas lights and decor. I also get to eat my gerber star biscuits, yummy!

These are some photos:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today I finally open my present and it is a buggy! It is suitable for 9 months and up.

Here I trying out while mummy checking out on the wheel fixing.

The buggy is ready!

I sat in the buggy car and moved around my neighbourhood... see I have a fun time!

Mummy, is there any gold by chance?

Hi hi!

See I can one hand drive and play with the horn.

See these clips of my adventure driving.

Then later in the afternoon, mummy bring me to orchid country club for a family bazaar...

There was a big swimming pool for children and I clap my hands when I saw some kids playing in the pool... mummy see me so happy say she abit itchy wan to bring me to swimming liao :p

Nite time went to eat with Ah Ma at a coffeeshop opp our house....

Boy Am I Growing!