Thursday, December 29, 2011

the other day at toyrus, I saw a rose. mummy asked me to give her.
I say no, this belongs to toyrus... haaa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yesterday was down with fever, guess it my flu. alittle bit from mei mei 's sickness too.

However I still help mummy carry the 5 kg Persil powder into the kitchen.

I also ate 2 slices of bread with a piece of Kraft cheese inside. I used to hate cheese but I ate all yesterday.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On Tuesday, kumon teacher remarked to mummy that I can be my own teacher, mark my own paper.

I also get to sit on the bigger table doing my maths.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kumon updates

Last Sat, I pass the second achievement test and now I doing addition (+4) and above.

Now I getting more confident too.

Daddy bought 2 cars for me as an encouragement.

Yesterday went to Ritz Calton and then to marina square for shopping. N happen to watch Chugginton show there. I love it but Gemma prefer Dora of cos.

In the lift

Day time view of the xmas tree in Ritz Calton...

another tree


There are many people so we directly watch from above.

I tried many diff pose with them

Which view is nicer ley?

n I also took a pic with the candy tree.

some interesting quotes/question from me

"I like orange but I don't like to eat orange" (I love the colour ;p)

"Mummy, what is a car transporter in chinese?"
Mummy: ask papa
"Papa, what is a car transporter in chinese?"
Papa: ar.... dunno
"papa, why you don't know? You taller. You're taller than mummy. You shld know..."

Mummy: ok later mummy bring my fren come my house...
Mummy: Auntie Bee Kee
"is she pretty?"
Mummy: Pretty? ok la
"then ok she can come..."

Boy Am I Growing!