Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today I didn't allow pa pa to sit my Macqueen car... I told him "stand up ... selfish" and repeated again and again.

which makes mummy and pa pa laugh at me... didn't mean that I am selfish ;p

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Sun, mummy bought Gerber stars for mei mei but ended up I ate them as mei mei is still not ready to eat them. haha I just love eating these banana stars!

These days I also learn to share my toys with mei mei and learn not to snatch toys from her hands, normally after one reminder. Mummy praise me for being such a nice gor gor and I feel proud of myself.

but sometimes mummy explain i can't share my drinking bottle with mei mei when I hand her my bottle. She says mei mei still small...

P.S: mummy suspect I have final molars coming out as I have lose appetite these days. can't really eat much (less than a bowl) and mummy is worried... but luckily I still taking milk and water and stars... yummy...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last English term at LNT (start of new term soon)

Last Sat was our last english lesson for that term. I have improved alot. I able to count 1-10 all by myself, though sometimes i do miss a number.

I enjoy Teddy bear song and Little peter rabbit songs and can even follow actions and sang together.

There was a game whereby we group transport vehicles accordingly to LAND, SEA, AIR. after playing, teacher ask us to bid goodbye to them and place them back into plastic bags to keep. I was saying "bye bye car, bye bye xxx" as I take them out of block and back to plastic bags. Teacher looked at me in amusement. Overall, I do fare much better than the very first class.

I love teacher Josephine and hug her before I left the class.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I able to sing more songs now. My favourite songs include 1 chinese song i learn from school and mummy. which is Liang zi lao hu (2 tigers translated loosely). I sang along with mummy and even have gestures like fists moving (to show running) and touching my ears

another fav song is baa baa black sheep. i can sing the first sentence very clearly now...

In school, I am able to concentrate on the flash cards and songs.

Last sat lesson, I finally sat down twice to engage in activities. all these while I was v shy n sat on mummy's lap. but I finally gave in and requested to sit myself when I feel I can play better this way. I wrote my homework down with mummy help.

When I wanted my car, mummy told me that in the class, we are not supposed to play cars. So I waited until I came out of school and then ask again. Mummy praise me for being a good boy and gave one car for me to play.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whenever I farted, mummy will ask for my manners then I say "excuse me"

anyway these days I can sing almost the whole song baa baa black sheep... and I can count too, with minimum help.

I can also feed myself pretty well these days. Most of the food goes inside my mouth other than the floor... ;p

Boy Am I Growing!