Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today got thunder very scary and I couldn't nap... Each time I hear the word "thunder" or "rain" I will keep looking out at the window...

To sidetrack, I now trying to walk using the mcqueen car daddy bought for me. But I refuse to walk with adult help... hahaha I like to jump when they hold me... mummy give up! anyway, mummy give me more time to explore myself as she believe one day I will ultimately walk. Once I walk and run, the adults will be v tired hehe...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's raining cats and dogs. Luckily we are in the car when it suddenly rain and so we decided to go to nearby - vivo to do some shopping and see if we can earlier go back to clear some stuff for CNY.

In the end, after shopping at vivo, we went Alexander to makan. then papa decided to go queensway to buy a ball ball for me after final consideration as he feel he shld buy something for me for my bd other than clothing. He finally buy! and so I will have another new ball ball for my bd... hoorey!

but mummy not really happi cos daddy didn't keep his promise to return home earlier to do spring cleaning! now left one more wk to CNY and my lunar bd! hehe.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

All I want for CNY is my two front teeth...

Ah ha!

I finally feel my two front teeth coming out! Cause me so much agony and pain and forced me no appetite to finish my milk.

It is in time for CNY where I can eat more things and my bd cake! hahaha

Today, mummy and daddy bring me out to meet their friends. There is another little boy called Xavier and he is 18 months old. He is older than me by 7 months and he can walk already. He play with me and I am very happy to play with him. We both jumped, screamed and laughed together. Thinking of this, mummy say I having a new sibling soon and hope I can play with him or her soon!

A video of me playing with Xavier:

P.S: I got my pay check for being stand-in bb for similac commercial finally!

Time for party ;p

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi! I didn't won the contest, only got a goodie bag. I was too amazed by the lights and everything there to notice that I am on stage and must smile! hehe... yes just an excuse. anyway, mummy got the feeling that I didn't want to get the $ hahaha.

Me before the contest starts:

On Stage:

Later tat evening, we went parkway parade where mummy go and see where to blow my balloons with helium for my birthday party. Found the place and then shop around. I was very happy and keep smiling at strangers as well my Ah Ma, my mum and pan pan auntie.

I was fascinated by some kids playing with some computer games that is flashed onto the floor just at the entrance. I just smile while they are busying stamping their foot on the floor. Can't wait to walk!

was rather late when I reach home. got to sleep now. tata!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yo mummy just called me and say I was shortlisted for the Today Health and Wellness BB contest for the category "Most Enchanted Smile". She didn't expect to be selected as the first few times she tried to send my picture, the emails kept bouncing back.

Then she finally managed to submit the photo on Monday afternoon with no error. The reason for the error was because the inbox received too many entries and couldn't cope.

This morning the mediacorp lady called mummy and tell her the good news. So please give your support to me tomorrow at Expo. I'm be there at noon. Thank you :)

So far, without counting those website pictures contests, I have joined three contests, first is the mediacorp most talented bb which I didn't make it (expected as no talent displayed haha)(somemore must pay for contest), second one is for similac commercial which I was first runner up (no need to pay but must go for audition keke), the third is this lor (free! hahaha just send email) Mummy say I not bad after all... she dun join these type of contests so she let me join ;p

see how my luck tomolo... bye!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I like to read newspaper. These days I also a bit tempremental. I think my front tooth is coming out but it taking ages.... argh....

but I also have my sweet moments. I now very the yang or... when I see my mummy, I smile and tilt my head to her body...

Today I also want mummy to carry me at the bus stop.... miss her...

P.S: I ate some rice last nite when I see mummy and daddy eating their dinner. Yummy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I dunno why I am so happy changing my diaper.... normally I will want to turn around and crawl away!!! hahaha

but cannot lar cos this is a changing station - no joke!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

keke... I realise how to on and off the tv using the remote control! haha
Today I make someone close happy again - mummy.

When mummy aks me to say "mama" I follow "mama".... Daddy try to make me say "papa" but I never say. hahahaa

but now I could utter "mama", "papa", "star", "there" rather clearly now. I still trying new words but it sounds to the adults like bb lang.

Last nite, I try to stand again myself in the entertainment room. Could only stand unsupported for few seconds.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I was so hungry as I had a late lunch. Was waiting for mummy and daddy to come back home after mummy hair cut.

Then we went to Alexandra food centre to makan. After my porridge I was still hungry and so mummy decided to give me fishball (she order yong dao foo) to eat. I ate happily and then contented.

Daddy later went to Queensway shopping to look for my jersey... but the smallest size is still fitted for about 2 yrs old ... so didn't buy.

Now mummy and daddy go for wedding dinner... me at home now... mummy scare I tired as I didn't sleep the entire aftn...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My First Trip To the Bird Park

Wow! Today Daddy is finally bringing us to the bird park. They know that I like to see birds and so decided to bring me go. We nearly didn't go as the sky turns suddenly dark. Nevertheless, it was passing cloud and so we ended going at about 9 plus after breakfast.

We reached there at abt 10 a.m and managed to catch the hawks show. I was actually sleeping when I reached there, but once at the show, I woke up and was amazed by the display and the birds flying. I saw the eagles and owls and was so excited after a while. I clapped my hands when it was time to applause.

After the show, we headed to the penguins exhibition when it is their feeding time. I was very happy with all the kids. Enjoy watching them eating fish and diving.

We then walked round the bird park and see more birds like parrots. We also managed to see the birds and buddies show. I prefer watching flying birds than flamingoes... haha so I really enjoyed those shows where the birds fly here and there.

I also took my lunch there. After the trip to bird park, I was so exhausted that I slept while my family went to Jurong Point to eat lunch. Think I slept for at least an hour plus... hahaha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Encounter With Ah Jie

Hi yesterday was a tired but exciting day. It was the day of the TVC (Similac Commercial). I was there early and got to see all the lights and cameras. Then I met the hero bb, Philson. We later changed into a blue romper. Mine was a little loose as they couldn't get my size.

Me below. Me and Philson (below right)

I saw Zoe Tay. She was very pretty in person. The cameras started rolling and Philson have to crawl towards Zoe. After watching a few NGs, I started to feel tired and actually doze off.

When I woke up, I actually saw Zoe stroking my face! hehe I was shocked and then smiled.
Then I got to drink my milk. Thereafter Philson had to do some more shots and I could hear him crying. I heard that there will be one scene which they will change cos he didn't manage to do the scene happily. Acting is really tough. I was lucky to be the standby bb, not to be subjected to so much pressure. I just carried on playing with the toys. There was one scene which later Zoe play and hug me but think the scene will be cut. But anyway, I managed to get so close to her is a achievement... Zoe even feed me biscuits... hehe

Even when I accidentally vomitted saliva onto her hand, she also say nevermind as she has kids herself. I find her with no airs.

I was later told to see if I could calm Philson down by playing with him at the shooting scene but he was really tired cos he didn't get the rest.

Zoe left after all the shots that require her were made and they have reviewed.

Then when it came to one shoot which involve the hand gribbing the side of the wall. They ask me to act and let Philson rest. I gamely tried and realised it's not easy. The lights are very bright and hot after some time plus no air-con. I started to perspire and get restless after a while. Then I was told to rest.

After a while, we tried again and this time it is a success and everyone cheered and say I was clever boi... :)

After that, I was allowed to leave too. I was glad cos I was really very hungry by now. It was 7 p.m already.

Poor Philson (he was sleeping when I left) still had to finish up some acts like crawling to the camera smiling broadly. I am not sure what time they left but I guess he will be more tired than me.

We left to have dinner outside at the Botanical Gardens and after that, I slept. By the time I reach home, I was so drowsy and drink my milk and sleep again till this morning...

P.S: watch out for my hand on the wall in the TVC... guess it may come out in Feb. v precious shot ah ;p

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today I nearly made mummy cry. I woke up from my nap and she feed me water. Then pan pan auntie came in to the room and went out. I cried and want pan pan auntie. Mummy was very sad and thot I dun like her....

But actually I poo poo! hehe feeling so uncomfortable and need pan pan auntie to wash my bottom... then mummy give me a smile...

We later went to Chinatown to do some CNY shopping. All of us managed to buy clothes for CNY. Mummy also bought a few pyjamas for me. The CNY stalls are still not open yet but nevertheless, we also stroll down the streets to see see. I doze off at about 8 and then got up at 8.45 p.m

Mummy bought a nursery rhyme cd for me just now and play it in the car when we are heading home. Mummy thot it wasn't so good. But after one song, I clap my hands. She was chocked but glad that I enjoy it.

Tonight couldn't sleep cos guess I slept a while at 8 just now... Keep wanting to play with the adults. Mummy say I noti boi...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I didn't realise that I could actually stand without support....

I was trying to hold a toy with one hand, then suddenly I let go of the other hand (holding on the side of play yard) to grab this toy too. After a while I notice I standing! but I quickly use one hand to grab the side of the play yard again...

Today also got updates on the tvc shot on this coming Tuesday. Think it will be a long day. The other bb and me will be there from mid afternoon to evening... Will get to see Zoe Tay...

Also learn from mummy that the client love one of my bb pictures and have decided to put them in the photo album in the TVC. Wow Cool!

Also heard that I may be the shooting afterall if the other bb is cranky lateron. But they will shoot my hands and legs lor... Look like stuntman :p

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

It has been a long busy week... and now it is year 2008!

Mummy and daddy are busy sleeping now. Later will be going to Ah Ma House for Popiah.

Yesterday we went to mummy's friend house for a new year count down gathering. It was my first attempt to stay over at another place other than my Ah Ma and my own house. It was very difficult as I was so curious to see the surroundings and I prefer my play pen. Nevertheless, after much coaxing, I manage to sleep at 11 p.m.

Anyway, we have a fun time and all the adults play with me. I was very happy. This morning, we also went to eat breakfast together. I had biscuits.

Btw, this is a clip of me blowing bubbles if you do not know what it meant earlier ;p

Boy Am I Growing!