Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I now dare to eat pizza and burger since last mth after my perth trip. the first burger mummy bought was from MOS burger. the rice chicken burger. anyway, I ate half of it.

Nowadays, I like to talk about my travels. If you ask me abt Perth, I will talk non stop about the animals I saw there at the wild life parks as well as what I had done there. I be quite excited to share.

I also can remember people handphone numbers rather well. Recently I learn auntie Joanne and the ye ye handphone numbers. I also rem auntie Sharipah and daddy's handphone numbers. Their numbers are quite similar though. Anyway the first handphone no I rem was mummy's and it was the most difficult (as if no repeated numbers/ sequences). The other day at auntie Joanne's house, while toking to her abt my travels, I also complained I cannot disturb mummy when she is watching tv. she asked y. I say because she will nag and nag as she wans to watch the programs. hehe

Auntie Sharipah is leaving this Saturday and I will be missing her...

p.s Recently, 1 jie jie (p1 gal) commented I looked quite handsome when I smiled. shy shy...

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